Awaken…On Tinder?


Maybe I should’ve put something like
I’ve lived as a nun for the last three years
on my dating profile…
Maybe it would ward off the men
who think I want to see pictures
of their…ahem…you-know-whats
before I’ve even met them.
I knew there was a reason
I refused to attempt online dating until now!
It’s been 24 hours,
I’ve been graced with the dubious gift
of close up pics
of TWO men’s…(you-know-whats),
and my feminine heart
that yearns for a beautiful, loving man
is disgusted by the crassness,
and the practical single mom in me,
who has only so much time and energy,
says that this online dating stuff
is a serious waste of time.
I mean…
Is it even possible to awaken…on Tinder?

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  1. As a man, I will never understand this. I don’t really like the looks of my penis, why on earth would I think a woman who knows nothing about me would? In order to get to that point there has to be a whole lot of courting and connecting – otherwise the whole affair is just too crass (as you put it) and unappealing. Sorry the weirdos are sending unsolicited pics. May you find love and companionship on Tinder or wherever else you look for it.

    • Thanks, friend. Really I’m just dipping my toes in slowly to feel the temperature of these strange new waters. I’m exploring the possibilities available to me now. And I’m discovering that I am not open to certain of those possibilities…it’s a little slice of real life!

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