Finding stillness, remembering presence, being.

Hey everyone!

I am a recently divorced single mom who practices and teaches yoga. I aim to approach each moment of life as an opportunity to awaken to the true self that pervades the entire universe. Day by day, I’m working on establishing a life-long yoga practice that extends beyond the physical postures I practice on the mat–I want to breathe deeply in all of the postures of my life.

Sometimes I’m doing laundry, grocery shopping, cooking dinner, feeling overwhelmed by my busy schedule; sometimes I’m grieving the loss of stability I enjoyed when I was married, sometimes I wonder how I’ll make it through another day, another week, another month…sometimes I am grateful my marriage ended, because now I am free to reinvent myself and my life; sometimes I am terror-stricken by all of the variables I see as I look into my future; and sometimes I sit in stillness and sense the underlying unity of all things, the peace at the center of being.  

Growing in awareness of who I am, I make myself more available to those around me and I can be a force for positive change in this world.

Today I’ll try to remember to breathe a few more times than I did yesterday.  Today I might awaken a little bit more.

This blog is a place to explore daily the mystery, the complexity, and the gift of existence.  It has evolved mainly into a space of poetry where I simply allow the words to come through based on what I have been living each day. My great hope is that my words might be rooted in the wisdom of my teachers and carry the light of inspiration and awareness to those who read them. I’m also hoping that by sharing my reality (the joys as well as the sorrows) I can help others going through challenges realize that they are not alone in their trials, and that eventually it will all turn out all right.

Please feel free to comment on my posts, especially if anything I’ve written resonates with you. It truly helps to know that I’m not sharing myself blindly with the Void, but there are other humans out there who can relate to my experiences. The sense of belonging derived from my honest shares and your honest commentary has been of immeasurable value as I’ve navigated the dark times of my marriage ending and the necessary transformation I needed to undergo within me to step forward into a new future, full of hope and promise.

Namaste.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog (A Trivial Mind at Work) and the ‘like’ for the About page. Please stop by anytime.

    My #2 daughter has just started yoga with a cousin. They will be very interested in following your posts. I enjoyed reading several of the posts and we will all come by often.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Dennis,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and comment. It’s wonderful that your daughter has begun with yoga; I wish I would’ve started when I was younger. I think it would’ve helped me develop self-confidence and feel empowered earlier on. I’ll enjoy reading our posts too!

  2. Nearly a month ago I googled ‘tired, mum, yoga, blog’ in an attempt to link in with someone in a similar situation as me. I had never read a blog before but a series of little steps put out by the universe led me here and I’m very thankful! I too have young children, I try to live in the moment, I try to be mindful etc etc but all too often it’s a huge challenge! In my perfectionist state, I get frustrated with my inability to be better at all this, I feel I am failing and I begin to give up. Thank you for all your writings, I love reading that you also experience the challenges and frustrations, even as someone who is far more yogic than me. You inspire me to keep practising, to get back to my class, to breathe more deeply and to be kinder to myself. Keep writing, you’re making a difference. x

    • Hi Theresa!

      Wow, thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. I am touched to hear that my writing has helped you in some way…That by being honest about my struggles, you can see that you aren’t alone in your struggles to remain mindful as you navigate the challenges of parenthood and all that parenting entails. I’m laughing a bit about your google search “tired, mum, yoga, blog” because that just about sums up the whole thing, doesn’t it? I can completely relate to being a perfectionist; I actually began a post a while ago entitled “Overcoming Perfectionism,” and predictably I never finished it, because it wasn’t…well…good enough. Your words inspire me to go back to the idea and dig deeper, so that I can join you in solidarity on this sometimes extremely difficult path. I look forward to hearing more about your path, Theresa. Will you keep a blog then? I have found writing to be remarkably therapeutic and empowering; by taking time to examine my thoughts and putting in the effort to express them so that others may understand, I have become even clearer about the habitual ruts I get myself stuck in–and most importantly, I discover that I am not alone. Sending you support to walk with steadiness on your path, trust in your own inherent goodness, and the courage to remember that all you are seeking is right where you are, in the center of your being!

    • Theresa, if one person can make a difference for another, this make Lorein in a great position. I did stop here by chance, and somehow I can feel deep soul in her words, a great person, so I am here and I will be reading what Lorein has to say.

  3. Lorien,

    I just added you to my kalyana-mitta (spiritual friends) links and I’m ashamed I didn’t do it sooner. Keep up the good work! Every good blessing to you!



    • Hi Marie, I stumbled upon your blog two times in the past two weeks when I google searched two passages that I use regularly in meditation. I figured that the words of someone who treasures the wisdom of the mystics as I do will be wonderful addition to my blog roll! Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts.

  4. Hi Lorien, I just found your blog on I use the same theme on my blog but changed the color. I am pleasantly surprised by the similarities of our blogs and our lives. I have struggled mightily with perfectionism. Being a mom is hard hard work. I enjoy reading your poems and peaking into the life of another mother/wife/yoga teacher. Wishing you wellness and love from a wickedly cold and wretched Springtime in mid-Ohio. I almost wrote a hay(na)ku about the misery of Spring soccer games in wind and freezing rain. Come on sunshine and warmth!

    • Amy, thank for your words. It means a lot to me that you took the time to read some of my poems and to share your thoughts with me. I’m glad that you can understand the perfectionism…it’s a tough cross to bear, isn’t it? I will enjoy checking out your blog and seeing the similarities in our lives. Sending you love and light. 🙂 ❤

    • Thank you Astrid for thinking of me. I will need to respectfully decline–I have discovered that the blogger awards require more time than I can allot to being in cyberspace. Thank you again.

  5. Thank you for reminding me how important deep breathing is. your poems really help me to slow down and learn acceptance. Peace.

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