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The Guiding Light


I realized that what hurt the worst
was losing our shared experience
of life together,
raising our children together,
for the togetherness gave me so much meaning,
gave me an identity, a purpose,
a compass, a guiding light…
and suddenly that was gone.
Suddenly we were always at odds…
and suddenly he was with another.
Now he is preparing to leave our home,
a most final step in this process of dissolution,
and the pain gets triggered once more.
I look back on what I wrote,
I turn it around to myself.
What hurt the worst
was losing my individual experience
of life with myself,
raising my inner child, myself—
for this autonomy gave me so much meaning,
gave me an identity, a purpose,
a compass, a guiding light…
and suddenly that was gone.
When I embrace this turnaround,
I can see it is just as true or even truer
that what I wrote before.
Now my work is to live the turnaround,
reclaim my inner child, this Self,
the One in me who IS the guiding light.

You Are Supported


You say you are not supported?
You are afraid the ground
will give way under your feet?
Just sit a moment.
You are supported.
The chair you are sitting
is holding you.
The building you are in
is holding the chair.
The earth rises up
to support the building,
and the planets and the sun
each have their own
gravitational pull
keeping the earth in its orbit,
maintaining its precious distance
from the sun,
a distance that makes life possible.
Take a deep breath.
All of these amazing processes
swirling within you
through no effort on your part
keeping you alive.
Dear one,
close your eyes and breathe.
Feel it.
You are supported…
and loved.


This was inspired by a passage from Byron Katie’s book I Need Your Love, Is That True? If you are going through any relationship challenges, I highly recommend it.  If your relationship is going great, I highly recommend it. 😀

It’s Simple


We put innumerable conditions on our happiness
and wonder why we are so miserable.
It’s simple, really.
Love what is.
Love the weather as it is…
you cannot change it.
Love your family members as they are…
you cannot change them.
Love your body as it is…
violence will not make you
lighter or stronger.
You cannot change your body.
It changes itself
as you give it the conditions for change.
So love your body as it is.
Love the world as it is…
you cannot change it.
As you practice loving what is
the conditional approach to happiness melts away.
You’re left with pure, clear being.
Your eyes and heart are open.
There is no effort to be made
to summon feelings of love.
You are love.
It’s simple, really.

Our Thinking Makes It So


There is no problem
but our thinking makes it so.
There are no new stressful thoughts;
they have been the same
since the very beginning of time.
Yes, the details and the context have changed,
but the feelings really have not.
Anger is anger and fear is fear.
Sadness is sadness and joy is joy.
Whatever stress we experience
has been experienced many times over…
we are not so different from our ancestors,
even with our cell phones,
Instagram, FaceBook and YouTube.
This is good news!
It means that we don’t have to take
any of these human difficulties personally.
And, everything is personal,
because everything is a projection
of our own minds.
Clean up your mind,
and your projection becomes pure.
Find joy within
and you will see joy outside as well.
Settle into this moment,
see beyond the stories.
Reality is beautiful.
Our thinking makes it so.

To Love This Life


The only way to free myself
from the trancelike state
arising from
with my thoughts
is to shine
the light of awareness on them.
I realize I don’t have to believe my thoughts.
As this realization dawns on me
I catch a glimpse,
a tiny glimmer
of the potential for happiness
we all share, without exception.
Shine the light of awareness,
make inquiry your practice.
You will be free, truly free
to love this life as it is.

What Is


When I believe my stressful thoughts
it causes suffering
and when I question them
it sets me free.
Therefore I will question the stressful thoughts,
and allow my reality to open up
into the dream I want to live.
Each moment, each person is my teacher,
and I realize I always have everything I need.
There is so much freedom in loving what is.