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NaPoWriMo 2018, Day 14: Dreaming of Seagulls


In today’s prompt we’re asked to create a dream dictionary-esque interpretation of one or more of the words in this list:




Ballet slipper


Wobbly table



I went with “seagull”. I’m a nature girl, and everything else besides “shark” is something manmade, and didn’t really make my heart leap up and want to crank out a poem.  But seagulls are beautiful.  So I’m going with “seagull”.


If you dream about seagulls, pay attention:
your psyche is speaking to you and
wants to tell you something.
If the seagull is floating on the surface of the water,
you are content to stay on the surface of consciousness.
Maybe it is time to stick your head under
and take a peek at the depths.
If the seagull is flying above the ocean,
you have broken free of limiting emotions.
Enjoy your new freedom!
If the seagull has become caught in a storm,
look for where in your life you might
be ignoring currents of feeling;
if you don’t address them, they will find you
and create noise and chaos until you do.
If the bird is with other seagulls,
you might consider exploring
a way to process your emotions
within a group setting.
If it cries, it’s time to speak up
about your feelings.
And if it’s eating from
a discarded carton of French fries
in a strip mall parking lot,
it’s time to clear away the litter in your life
and give yourself more healthy nourishment.
Squawk! Squawk!


Strange Dreaming, Stranger Awake


I awake fresh from a dream
where I spoke with his mistress
and then with him.
She said that she initiated it
and that he was happy to follow her.
She sat in his chair at his salon
and he did her hair.
When I approached him
he was in my parents’ bed
in my childhood home
with his brother,
who looked up and said,
“This is some F**KED UP SH** right here!”
I couldn’t agree more.
My dream spurred me to action,
but my husband in waking reality
wouldn’t tell me his story,
wouldn’t tell me the truth.
Instead he called the police.

Daring to Dream


I give myself permission to dream,
and then I dare to do it.
I make a vision board.
I write.
I hope.
I wish…
and then I act.
Even tiny steps
are steps toward the life
I dream about.
Just one conscious breath
gives me the strength
to reach for my best self
in times of challenge.
I craft the quality of my life
with moments
spent in awareness.
May I awaken
the best in myself
and have the courage
to share my best
with the world.

Lucid Dream: An Ocean of Stars


In the early morning
just before dawn
I had a lucid dream.
My body still asleep,
my mind became alert
that the reality I was experiencing
was, in fact, a dream.
I was facing a dark parking lot
standing on a narrow path
with the woods behind me,
and it struck me how creepy it was
to be there, just standing there
in the dark night alone.
And then I dropped something
(was it my keys??)
and I began searching in the plants
beside the path for whatever it was
I thought I had lost.
Suddenly, I realized,
I’m dreaming! There is no reason
for me to be here in a dark parking lot
at night by myself.
And then came the feeling of excitement
and the exhilaration that rises up
whenever I realize I’m awake
within my dream,
because now I’m capable of anything,
I can go anywhere,
I can have anything,
I can see everything,
the only limit is my imagination.
At such times
I usually choose to fly
just to verify
that I am in fact dreaming.
So I felt my body rising up
toward the sky.
And I had this felt sense
that I had tried so many times
to be in control of this sort of experience,
wanting to master the art of flying,
to be strong and capable,
taking myself wherever I wanted,
but now…
Now I wanted to surrender.
I wanted to surrender to God.
And so I let myself be buoyed up,
up, up, up,
until I was high in the sky
close to the stars,
and it was this feeling of being held
softly, gently,
of floating in this vast ocean of stars
and it felt so good and so right
to just let myself be held.
I awoke then,
but the feeling has stayed with me,
and this image of being held
by a gentle, unseen, immense force—
floating in an ocean of stars.

NaPoWriMo 2017 Day 7: Dream Time


Emptiness, space
at the end of a long day,
a blessing, a gift
to set it all down
and drift into oblivion.
The purpose of existence
waits for us in the morning
but for now
we close our eyes
to all of our daytime wants,
our worldly likes and dislikes
and travel inwards
to an uncharted land,
a mystery world
where what you thought you knew
is un-known,
where what you had completed
is un-done,
where your fears
teach you about
where your work really is
and your deepest conscience
and guides you back
to the truth of
who you really are.


I chose to deviate from the prompt for today. This one spilled out of me in the drowsy period post evening meditation, where although I was ready to sleep, I first needed to write.

I Remembered


In the midst of chaos…
Reaching out,
seeing my plight
is actually quite common,
finding relief in this,
the shared humanity.
During a night of insomnia,
for one brief moment
finding sleep,
gifted with a lucid dream.
Inner self reaching out,
finding me…
awakening my mind
within my sleeping body,
more connection.
The voice said,
Don’t worry about your goals
and your effort…
if  you try the same way as before
it will turn out as it did before.
Just let go and see what happens.
I stopped trying to fly
high enough to see the face of God,
I let go,
felt myself being pulled
up and over through the air
by a powerful force,
much greater than my small will.
There were many people in my dream
at first I was afraid of some of them,
men, who looked unsavory, unkempt,
my mind decided they must be criminals
and I therefore must be in danger.
The voice spoke again.
If you are afraid,
it is because you aren’t looking closely.
You are believing your thoughts
instead of seeing reality.
Look again.
So I looked again,
and saw friendly faces
smiling warmly at me,
handsome faces, welcoming,
strong and kind.
The fear was always in my mind.
More upward movement
and I was surrounded by
people celebrating,
much jubilation,
and I let them know
they were an invention
of my imagination.
They looked amused,
so I showed them my proof.
See how your face is changing?
See how the words on the sign
are moving, never the same?
You are my dream.
I have created this.
And still there was so much warmth
coming from them,
I had no choice but to relax
and enjoy myself.
I awoke within my body
and I remembered.