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Mountains and Avalanches


I was sifting through
mountains of papers
looking for something.
One of the mountains shifted,
sending an avalanche to the floor.
And then in the next second,
another avalanche.
And I said,
Okay, me too.
So I fell to the floor,
lay down on my back,
stared up at the track lighting
on my ceiling.
Here we all are, on the floor.
Now what?
I felt my body was tired.
I didn’t want to search anymore.
I knew that whatever it was,
either it would turn up,
or I would replace it.
So I went upstairs,
and I got in bed,
and had dreams
about mountains and avalanches.

NaPoWriMo 2017 Day 6: A Day in the Life of a Mountain


Rising up out of the Earth
the young mountain
towers over all it sees.

Mellowed by many eons
the mature mountain
watches and listens.

Crumbled into fine, shimmering dust
the ancient mountain
holds the memories of millennia.

Today’s prompt, for those who are interested.


Moved by Mountains


We went to the mountains today.
I was moved.
My heart sang.
I felt grateful.
Such simplicity–
some delicate wildflowers,
a stream flowing over smooth rocks,
warm sunshine,
the scent of a nearby campfire
wisping along softly with the wind,
the aspen leaves responding
to the breeze’s caress,
hearing my children laughing and playing,
eating a simple meal,
laughing with loved ones.
Some talk about
faith so strong that it can move mountains;
I know nothing about this.
All I know is
the mountains move me,
and my heart sings.

NaPoWriMo Day 14: San San


Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 9.53.01 PM.png

Another challenging prompt today…and it’s late, and I’m halfway considering reverting to my default free-verse poem of the day, but willpower is the mother of all virtues, and methinks I will help build some more of it by JUST DOING THIS.

San San rhyme scheme:  a-b-c-a-b-d-c-d
General idea…use three images and repeat them three times each within an eight line poem sticking to the rhyme scheme. A bit complicated, perhaps–especially to my tired mind.  But I must start somewhere, decide on three images…hmm. How about some things I love?

1)achingly beautiful peaks
2)clear blue sky
3)wide open heart

Okay, here goes:

Alone I stand looking out upon achingly beautiful peaks
partnering gently, completely with the clear blue sky–
reminding me of the vastness of my wide open heart.
This sky blue dress the great mother wears stirs as she speaks
her wind-language. My aching heart opens wings to fly  
across the beautiful peaks. The sun bends down to kiss
the clearest of blue skies, while thought curtains part
revealing the peaks of this wide, open-hearted bliss.

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NaPoWriMo Day 11: Le Mélézin


I come back to this place again and again
in my dreams, the dreams I hold in my heart.
Green grass mown by munching goats and sheep
their bells sounding a right racket as they amble along
tracks they’ve worn into the mountain meadow.
I look up and see a crystalline blue sky.
I look out from where I’m sitting and see
more mountains than I can count and the city
where I left my heart nestled in the valley below.
I take off my shoes and dip my toes into the ice cold water
of the stream that has gathered momentum
from its origins in the valley behind me.
A bit of emmental cheese, a bit of dark chocolate,
a hunk of baguette, a sip of water
and now my hands are drumming this drum
I lugged with me from the valley below.
The breath of summer and the scent of wildflowers
caress my soul as the wind whispers through the conifers.
I have endured such heartbreak.

A Few Things I’m Wanting


mountains, trees, streams,
rocks, moss, ferns,
health, deep breathing,
elemental balance,
appreciation for what I have,
movement, dance,
rock climbing,
delicious food,
the ability to direct my life force energy
in service of others to enrich their lives


This evening I was mulling over the idea of signing up for an online business school that one of my teacher colleagues recommended to me one week ago at our teacher training. It’s relatively expensive, and I would certainly need my husband’s agreement before I could make such an investment.

Thinking about this expense, I began asking questions like:

“Will I experience measurable results?”  
“Will I be able to map out a plan for a clear progression in all aspects of my inner and outer worlds?”
“Will I be able to generate greater income that will allow for an abundance of different experiences for myself and my family?”

These questions led me to ponder yet another important question:  “What is it that I really want right now?” The above poem offers some answers to that question, but it is by no means an exhaustive list.  It is just a few little words describing what was on my mind, just a few words revealing what I keep in my heart…

And now I want to know, really I do–What are YOU wanting right now? Do you often ask yourself that question? Have you noticed your desires changing as time passes?  Are there certain among them that remain constant? Tell me!

At Home in the Mountains


Earlier this week my family and I hiked a trail through Albion basin, up to Cecret Lake. This photo doesn’t nearly capture the amazing wildflowers that were in bloom everywhere.  I wish I could send you the smell of the Alpine forest and the feel of the wind.

Albion Wildflowers

Today we took a tram up from Snowbird to an altitude of 11,000 feet.  Not as many trees, but there were lots of wildflowers, beautiful clouds, open sky, incredible vistas.

Mountain Horses

Whenever I’m up in the mountains, a peace comes over me, and a joy.

Mountain Horses 2

Maybe the combination of the resins from the trees, the scent of the earth, and the wildflowers is aromatherapeutic.

Sky Mountains Flowers

Maybe the wind reminds me to breathe…and the cool air revitalizes my senses.


But I don’t really need to understand why.  There are no words to describe this feeling of being at home when I’m so close to the sky and can see for many miles.  Every time I leave the majestic peaks, I count the seconds until I can get back again.  I hope the mountains will call me back home to them soon.


A Recipe for Happiness

Start with sunshine
and vibrant wildflowers.
Pour in generous quantities of blue sky.
Add plenty of Earth.
Garnish with Rocks.
Serve on a bed of trees
and drizzle on top a touch of wind scented with nature’s finest perfume.
Season with your appreciation,
say a prayer of thanksgiving.

Sit down at Nature’s banquet table,
Sip delicately the broth of heaven.
It only takes a little sip.
Smile broadly, jump up, and dance for joy!