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My Poem for Tonight


You know life is good when…
The worst problem you have all day

is your laptop failing to find

the closest wifi network

necessitating your typing 

your blog post

on your iPhone.

After spending more than an hour

And feeling more than a little frustrated

I’ve decided to give up the fight.

Here, typed on my phone,

Is my poem for tonight.

We Can Learn


Our own discomfort has much to teach us.

We can learn.

Sitting still in the middle of the storm

we can be courageous, steadfast.

Our suffering opens the gates of our hearts

and we discover how we are all

Interconnected, interdependent.

Our suffering doesn’t make us a failure,

It makes us human.

We can learn what it has to teach us, and now 

we turn to face the world with open hearts,

Compassionately reflecting 

Our truest selves to those

who are wanting to learn also.

We can learn.

We can.

Hotel Room Musings


I’m in a hotel by the Atlantic Ocean in Cape May, NJ.

We set aside a few days

just to be together as a family.

It is the first time I have seen the ocean

in five years;

tomorrow we will play in the sand.

There were frustrating moments 

on the drive here,

but I managed to remember to breathe

deeply every now and again.

I managed to summon compassion

for everyone else who was feeling the same way.

And now, as my husband and two children

sleep quietly right by me–

I wonder about tomorrow,

where I will sit,

how I will find enough quiet to go inwards.

But for now sleep.

Always There, Always Waiting


What will I do now?

This moment,
with so many questions,
mathematical brain
attempts to calculate the future.
You cannot assign numbers
to the incalculable. Impossible
to understand that which is
beyond understanding. Demanding
life to take on a certain form is the norm
but isn’t this a pity?

In reality,
life doesn’t wait for our comprehension
it just keeps going.
will we arrive at the end with awareness of the journey
or will we be unconscious
until the last moment awakens us
to what we have had all along?

Be strong.
Awaken now.
Your peace is a sign of your awakening.
Always there. Always waiting.

This Moment is for Being


more phone poetry

Still no wifi.

The router hasn’t arrived,
but now that I mention it,
have I?

Have I arrived in this moment,
looked around,
there is no other moment but now?

I can’t expect myself
to abide in such bliss always
Life has ways of pulling me from center
But noticing this
I need not grow bitter
when my mind says
Things should be better.”

When I arrive in my center
I can see
I am not my mind
or these thoughts
or these things–

I can see,
when I strip away my story,
that I am just me
and this moment is just for being.

No Wifi Necessary


Wifi is down
So I’m posting from my phone
Not as much fun
As fingers dancing
across laptop keys
It gives me pause to ask
Just what is connectivity?

Do I need fiber optic cable
To connect with the people
Of this earth? Am I able
To turn the key of awareness
In the lock
in the door of consciousness

And see that I don’t need electricity or the public eye watching me
As I come home to my own story?
And as I read
The story written on my heart
Instead of on my screen
Can I remember
that beyond technology
There is being?
I breathe.
I breathe deeply.

Ah, yes.
No wifi necessary.