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The Universe Within


When the tethers of the predefined
rendition of everyday, 3-D existence
are momentarily loosened and my
vision is freed,
I can see that
the ordinary everyday consciousness that we have
leaves out more than it takes in.*

And my prayer is:
Reveal to me the truth
that I may embody
for the highest good of all beings.

And I remember
breathing is enough.
So I breathe
and my consciousness returns
to the place I love to be,
the reason I practice…
the vast universe within.

*—Alan Watts

The One Source


The path of grace is elusive,
like the path of healing,
or the path of awakening…
You can’t find IT…
You must let IT find you.
And maybe,
could it be
that grace
and healing
and awakening
are all intertwined,
or better yet,
flowing from the same source?
What if all those
going in search of anything
finally recognized
that we are all seeking
the same thing?
What if we all finally took a moment
to just sit still, and breathe,
and remember
the One Source of Everything?

No Better Welcome


For a few days
I step away from the routine.
I sleep differently,
eat differently,
move my body in different ways.
I’m intentional with my time;
choosing only those activities
that deepen my connection with Spirit.
It’s a sacred time,
a prayerful time,
a time filled with infinite possibilities.
I dream that all sentient beings
may take such time for themselves.
As we retreat from the world outside,
we return to the home within.
No better welcome could ever be found
than the homecoming provided
by the One
who stands at the door of your heart
and waits
for your arrival.

Spirit Pouring Through Us


The shift happens within.
The thoughts, the beliefs,
the words we tell ourselves
align with who we are.
We believe in the possibility
that our dreams exist now.
We access the power
that bridges the Quantum Field
with 3-D reality.
We breathe, relax, and enjoy
spirit pouring through us.

Are You Ready?


Once you’ve begun to awaken
you can’t go back to sleep.
Your Soul wouldn’t let you
even if you tried.
Your Spirit knows
what you’re capable of
and won’t stop moving you
until you become that.
The whole world needs you to wake up
and your Higher Self is delighted to help.
Life Force surrounds you, indwells you
and animates you every day.
Soul, Spirit, Higher Self, Life Force.
No matter what name you call it,
it’s the ultimate truth of who you are.
Are you ready to know yourself as this truth?
Are you ready to wake up and really live?

True Union


Awake early after going to bed late
and I feel just fine.
My spirit calls me out of slumber
to commune in quiet
with the best part of my Self—
the precious treasure
at the center of my being.
This treasure is yours too,
the Universal Soul
that moves and expresses itself
through all of us.
Maybe one morning
you’ll rise too
and meet me
in the place
where past, present and future converge,
in the place
where true union is possible.

A New Path


And then it hit me…
The reason I can’t see the path ahead
is because I’m creating a new one.
Let me trust the forces that brought me here.
Let me tap into the deep source of awareness.
Let me be willing to step into the unknown
and allow myself to blossom
in the vast, open field of infinite possibilities.

By Being Happy


You can have whatever you want
but only if you give yourself
permission to have it.
If it isn’t here now,
get still, look inside.
Breathe deeply.
Do you believe
it’s a possibility
that you could really have this thing?
If you really want it,
give yourself permission to have it.
Otherwise you’ll be asking for it
and pushing it away
Get clear.
What do you really want?
Is that so?
Prove it.
Prove to me
you’ve given yourself permission to be happy.
Prove it
by being happy.

Your Only Question


This spiritual journey
is a path of tremendous
inner work.
It remains invisible
to everyone on the outside
except for those
who have the most discerning eye.
If you meet such a Friend,
hold fast to them.
The friend who can see your inner light
is the friend who will support
its outer expression in this world
that is so much in need of your brilliance.
And don’t try to tell me
But I’m not brilliant.
You are made of stardust,
Your only question should be, then,
How can I express my brilliance
in a way that will bring the most
joy and healing to this world?
Spend your life answering that question,
and it will be a life very well spent indeed.