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A Huge Success


I taught a meditation workshop today
and only three people showed up.
From a profit-driven business standpoint,
it was a miserable flop,
not worth the time invested.
Luckily, I have access to other standpoints.
So when a young woman approached me
after the workshop, crying,
sharing that she remembered her deceased father
during our lovingkindness meditation,
when she appeared bewildered by her emotions
(even apologized for them),
and when I was able to praise her for her courage
and share with her that it was an honor and a privilege
to bear witness to her process—
I knew something bigger was at play here.
Today wasn’t about me turning a profit,
it was about me touching a life.
It wasn’t about material abundance,
it was about human connection.
It wasn’t about my personal glory,
it was about beholding the radiance
of a sweet soul coming home
after a long time away.

From this standpoint,
my workshop was a huge success,
and I am proud of the work that was done.

New Year, SAME You


New year, SAME you.
Because the you
you’ve always been
is good enough,
so why would you want
a new one?
Plus, how could you possibly
have a NEW you?
Are you going to clone yourself?
I think not!
You were born YOU,
and YOU you will always be.
So let’s celebrate the New Year,
and the same you.
Because you’re awesome already,
and you deserve to be celebrated.
Here’s the secret:
You don’t need to do anything to be worthy.
You don’t have to change something,
fix something,
lose something,
gain something,
learn something,
or prove something
to be worthy of being here.
You were born,
and here you are,
completely worthy.
I dare you to
trash those resolutions,
take a deep breath,
throw your arms open wide
and say,
There now,
doesn’t it feel good?


Dedicated to fellow yoga teacher Pack Your Mat, who wrote this post about embracing yourself and your body just as you are, and dumping the ideas that you have to change anything at all about yourself as you enter this new year.  LOVED IT.


How Good This Life


Tired from a long day,
but feeling grateful
and somehow complete…
as if all that needed to be done was done,
knowing that what was left undone
can wait.
Thankful for the class I taught tonight,
thirty-two souls trusting their bodyminds to me,
the privilege, the honor, the responsibility of this.
Standing in the place of channel,
seeing none of these teachings as my own,
but instead as pieces of the great cosmic puzzle,
all interconnected, making sense
in the togetherness.
I meditated just now,
and managed to stay awake.
I sensed a quietness, an alertness,
a different sort of self
that was present alongside my tired body
clamoring for sleep.
Settling now into a place of rest,
I see how good, how good this life is.

Fifteen Souls


Fifteen souls appeared
ready to explore self-compassion.
I taught what I had learned
through my experience;
I shared my understanding.
We laughed a lot together.
There were moments
of quiet contemplation;
there were even a few silent tears.
And underneath it all,
a quiet awe,
the space to reflect,
to be…
In the end,
it wasn’t about what I gave to them–
their shining presence
gave so much more to me.

Go to Bed Now


It’s getting late
and there is much work to be done
but I need to sleep
I teach yoga in the morning
But what will I do
if I don’t get it all done?
Facing my first workshop
offered independently
of the yoga studio
The workshop is on self-compassion
and I have some finishing touches
I want to add.
Now wouldn’t that be ironic–
beating myself up
for not being perfectly prepared
to teach others how to be kind to themselves?
I think I’ll go to bed now.

The Place Beyond Words


As I sit preparing another class,
looking in book after book,
and on site after site
to find the perfect words to express
that which is beyond words,
to frame that which
cannot be contained,
I muse about how I’ll always be a student.
This is good.
This keeps me humble.
This allows me to meet my students
where they are
and feel compassion for their process.
And then I feel a need to drop the labels.
I am not a womanmotherteacherstudentfrienddaughteremployeewriter
I am a being who shares some of what I know,
who is grateful for what others share,
who is glad to relax into being,
into the place beyond words.