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Letting Go


Tomorrow is the last day of my 500 hour advanced yoga teacher training, which started way back in February. It probably sounds super cliche, but the time really has flown by. I am met by ambivalence, so many swirling thoughts and feelings about the end of our time together. On one hand, I’ll be so grateful to have more time with my family; one weekend a month adds up over time, and my husband has expressed on more than one occasion how’ll grateful he’ll be when the training is over. On the other hand, I have so thoroughly enjoyed being in the presence of so many bright and talented yoga teacher colleagues that I don’t want to let them all go back to their normal lives, never to be seen again.  I was writing about this ambivalence in my journal tonight, and a thought came to me about letting go:


You can let go 
the way dandelion seeds let go
of their fluffy white sphere
of collective sameness,
each seed becoming an individual,
floating where fate will take it.

And you can let go
the way skin lets go
of a nearly healed scab
torn from it…
new blood, new pain
making room for
a new sort of healing.

Neither way is better than the other.
Which do you choose?