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The Pure Water of Self-Knowing


More questions.
More books.
Still more of everything.
I read a few pages,
I pause to consider,
and then one of my kids
needs me.
Where was I?
I pick up another book,
read a few pages more.
Will I ever get to the bottom of this?
I start to wonder
if all the answers
to all of my questions
aren’t already inside of me
and I’m using the books
to distract me away from that realization.
Could I trust myself
to get still and pay attention
to what is alive in me in this moment?
It seems that that most helpful guidance
doesn’t come from a book
but instead flows
from the Source within.
Could I open to this source
and let it pour from me
to bless the world
with the clear, pure water
of self-knowing?

Isn’t That Better?


You might go to the ends of the earth
and still never find the answer.
You could ask the wisest teacher
and still not know who you are.
Stop all this frantic searching
outside of yourself.
The answers are within.
Get still, close your eyes,
be quiet.
There now, isn’t that better?

Find the Answers


Mindfulness gives you the space
and the clarity
to help you choose a response
rather than reacting to life
the way you’ve always done.
The unconscious shame, blame,
anger, guilt,
the incessant comparisons–
We can shine the light of awareness
on all of these and more,
and each experience
can be an opportunity for awakening.
The question is not,
Am I worthy?
–because your worth was never in question.
The real question has to do with this moment–
What am I feeling now?
What is happening?
What are my senses telling me?
And what will I do with this information?
You have matured on this path
enough to ask the questions you need to ask.
Now go my friend,
go on and look inside yourself.
go and find the answers.

All Along


When you are tired and lonely,
when you are weary
and the journey seems far too long,
When the world is fraught with danger,
who steps in to remind you
that all is well?

Who gives you the hugs
and the reassurance you need
to take a deep breath
and carry on?

Who looks into your eyes
with compassion and kindness?
Who holds you
and whispers You are safe?

Don’t search outside for the answers.
Become very very silent and still.
Just wait,
wait very patiently

And little by little you might find
that the one you seek
is the being you are

The happiness you have been waiting for,
the compassion
and strength
have been with you all along.