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Only Love, Acceptance and Time


Woke up sick…
and now
I’m wondering how to be well,
even when I feel like this.
I have my kids,
it’s summer vacation.
Of course
I would’ve preferred
to be a fun energetic mom,
you don’t always get what you want.
Can I drop the guilt at the increased TV time for them,
so that I can have increased rest time for me?
I guess I’m going to have to.
Guilt won’t make me well.
Only love, acceptance and time will.

The Home Within


I can make peace with myself,
really love myself,
and then I don’t have to be
an approval junkie any more.
It’s when I have rejected myself
that I look outside for some proof
that I’m okay. Will you tell me I’m okay?
And then really, what then?
You tell me I’m okay—
will I believe you?
Will I need you to keep telling me
over and over again?
And the minute you stop,
will I not be okay anymore?
In the end, freedom is
being at home with oneself.
We can invite visitors every now and again,
but they can’t give us true belonging.
The real sense of welcome
glows from the hearth of the home within.