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Attention and Choice


Whatever you focus on you will experience.
It’s that simple.
Focus on joy, you will be joyful.
Focus on anger, you will be angry.
Focus on depression, you will be depressed.
If you find yourself in a place you don’t want to be,
Ask yourself, “How do I want to feel?”
and think about the conditions
that would evoke that feeling.
Our imaginations can be used
to create or destroy,
to heal or to harm,
to inspire or deflate.
It all comes down to your attention,
and your choice.*

*Just to clarify, I’m not saying it’s easy. In fact, training the mind to focus is one of the most challenging feats a human can perform. But it IS simple. If you choose, you can tune into your power and decide how you want show up in the present moment. If enough people decide that they want to show up as peace, we’ll create a peaceful world.

A Deeper Hunger


There is a deeper hunger I’m noticing.
In the absence of what I thought I wanted
(marriage, stable home, busy social life, material wealth)
I’ve run through scenarios in my mind…
So what if I met someone else?
So what if I made enough money to live in a mansion?
So what if I were stunningly successful at business?
So what if I were to become famous?

I’ve pictured each of these coming true,
and I realized that none of these would satisfy me.
This is nothing new.
Anyone can go back into the ancient texts
and find exactly the same insight
shared by men and women of long ago.
So this led me to the question
What WOULD satisfy me?
And a feeling emerges…
something about connection, meaning and purpose.
Something about knowing that the world
is a better place for my having passed through it,
something about leaving this wonderful legacy
of humor, generosity and love
for my children’s children’s children.
I recognize that out of all the appetites I have,
this deeper hunger is the one I should
pay attention to the most.

Become Peace


I’m just wondering
when the day will come
that not one shred of anxiety
disturbs my peace,
from the time I wake up in the morning,
until the time I lay my head down at night.
How do I cultivate
unshakable peace?
How can I remember to breathe
slowly and deeply
all throughout the day
(and not just for the 30 minutes of morning meditation)?
How do I take the meditation with me,
so that I don’t just practice peace,
but I become peace?

Choose Empowerment


It’s a constant struggle between my past and my future.
The past is familiar; it leaps up into my consciousness
and makes itself seen and felt again and again and again.
The future is unknown; it’s the stuff hoped for
and requires faith and focus to keep my vision clear.
I pray for the stamina to keep reinvesting my energy in my future,
to draw my attention back to the good things to come.
I pray for the time when his choices aren’t ricocheting in my mind
they way they’ve done for over a year—
and it’s been quite an interesting year.
Each day, I discover, I make a choice.
I can choose victimhood or empowerment;
but it’s always my choice.
May I always choose empowerment.

True Abundance


If you give a pile of money
to a dying person
in their last moments,
what good will it do them?

Give a baby
a stack of gold coins
and it will delight
in throwing them,
the sound they make
as they clatter to the floor.

Hand a hungry animal
a blank check,
it will chew it up
hoping for nourishment.

No, it’s not the money
that makes us abundant

Sit with the person
on their deathbed,
take their hand,
look into their eyes,
breathe with them,

Your loving attention
focused solely on them
will show them
the way to heaven.

Hold the baby close,
let it hear your heart,
let it feel your warmth.
It knows how precious it is
because of the quality of your presence.

Give nourishment
to the hungry animal.
Coax it to eat, to rest.
Watch how the dynamics
between you
how much more willing
it is to experience
a deep sense of connection.

What is real abundance?
Can you feel it
down in your soul?

Keep Digging


Ah, there it is again,
the hope that I am seen and heard and understood.
I suppose it is a human predicament,
normal and natural,
this wanting to be recognized and valued.

I log in to my WordPress account tonight
with the same anticipation I have every night–
looking for comments,
looking at the site traffic,

And then the comparing of myself
to other bloggers,
well-established folks with thousands of followers,
wondering if I will ever know such success.

And what is success anyway?
Is it lots of followers,
lots of friends, clients,
lots of money, toys?

Or maybe it is something different.

And why after all this time
do I look for external validation
when the real treasure lies within–
waiting to be claimed?

Maybe I just need to dig a little further.

If you don’t strike gold after the first 
few blows of the pickaxe,
don’t slam your tools down in frustration!

Keep digging,
and eventually the excavation work
will lead you back home to the self
that was always there, 
just waiting for you 
to merge with it,
and to become absorbed in the infinite ocean of being.