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As I attempt to embrace new ways of thinking,
being, doing and expressing,
My old self-tries to seduce me back to what is familiar.
My future self is waving wildly, calling me forward.
My current self is just exhausted from life
in 3D reality.
God, grant me patience with myself
as I vacillate between what was
and what can be.
Let me feel loved, safe, seen and heard.
In the end, this is all a dream.
I really shouldn’t take it so seriously.

Who Are You Really?


And who are you, really,
at the end of the day?
Are you this name
attached to this body…only?
Or is there more to you?
Are you this persona,
this collection of stories,
Are you who
they told you you were
when you were too little
to decide for yourself?
It’s not about becoming
who you are, I’ve decided…
It’s about creating
who you are in each moment
of life,
being who you are right now
at the core
of your most authentic self.
When you live from this core,
there is no need to wait
for something to happen
in order to be happy;
you are happiness itself
finding expression
through your unique consciousness.
Now do you know who you are?

The Wearer of the Masks


When I let go of thoughts
about how life should be
I have room to be with life as it is

Letting go of things
to which I was desperately clinging
as I sought to create an identity outside of myself
in the world of my limited understanding,
I am now free to know the self within,
my true identity.

It isn’t a doing,
it is an undoing,
a dropping of disguises
a removing of masks
to reveal the beauty
of the wearer of the masks.