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How You Live


Every day is another universe to explore.
If it seems routine or boring,
look harder. Breathe. Feel. Taste.
The weather is always changing.
The light will never be the same.
The sounds arising, each and every one,
are more miracles of universes
being created and coming to pass.
This human life is the tiniest blip
on the grand scale of the universe,
where entire galaxies are born and die
and eons flash by in a single day.
Don’t take yourself too seriously.
This will all be gone, and soon.
How you live this day
is the only thing that matters.

Prayers Work


Every day,
when I sit down meditate,
I light a candle
and I invoke the Archangels.
I pray to them to help me
see what needs to be seen
hear what needs to be heard
do what needs to be done
speak what needs to be spoken
release what needs to be released
receive what needs to be received.

Today a human angel showed up
to help me clear some old stuff
from my house
and make room for the new
Already my house and my soul
are breathing easier.
Do you see?
Prayers work.



for all of the blessings
that are continuously pouring
into my life, and
for giving me
the EYES to SEE them
the EARS to HEAR them
the TONGUE to TASTE them
the NOSE to SMELL them
the HANDS to TOUCH them
the VOICE to SPEAK them
the HEART to LOVE them
and the LIFE to LIVE them!

Nature Saves Me From Myself (Again)


I was caught in a story today,
a story about not being prepared enough,
organized enough, motivated enough,
not a good enough planner,
not thoughtful enough.
It was a story about being selfish,
wrapped up in my own interests…
not good enough.
And then the plant spirits called me outside.
The sun shone on me,
the breeze blew through me,
and I thrust my hands into the earth
again and again.
When I looked up,
there were beautiful plants
in all our pots and containers
and an hour had passed.
The anxiety was gone,
and so was the self-effacing self-talk.
Thank you Nature for saving me again.

Dance in the Rain


If we have a rigid view
about how things are supposed to be
how could we ever be delighted
by the way things actually are?
What sounds better–
mumbling, groaning, frowning,
complaining because it isn’t sunny
stepping out into the rain,
smiling, looking up to the sky,
opening your arms wide
and dancing?
If you don’t like what’s happening
find a way to reframe this moment
to bring your awareness back
to how truly blessed you are.
Look at where you came from,
going back thousands, millions of years.
Think about how many ancestors
had to survive
to make your life possible.
Feel awe contemplating
the utter improbability
of your birth–
out of all the beings
who could’ve been born
from your mother and father,
it was YOU who was given life.
What a gift it is just to be here.
Now go and dance in the rain!

Say Yes to Life


As my eyes open to see
this beautiful life
and my heart opens to feel
the waves of gratitude
washing through me
I stand in awe
of how incredibly simple
it is to be happy.
It’s so exciting to say
I have everything I need
to be happy
and to really mean it.
This is true wealth:
loving what you have
and needing nothing else.
This gratitude practice
will give you a lifetime of joy.
You don’t have to do anything.
Just breathe and be still,
look around you.
Isn’t life beautiful?
If you cannot say yes
to this question,
look again,
and keep looking
until you can say yes
with your whole heart.
Say yes to beauty,
awe, gratitude, simplicity.
Say yes to life.