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Dear Little Baby


I promise you that when you allow yourself to truly experience the rawness of your emotions, a whole new way of seeing the world, of experiencing love and compassion, will be revealed to you.

–Pema Chodron

We shut down
because it seems too painful
to stay open…
but this is why it’s called
the Warrior’s Path.
It takes the strength and courage
of a well-trained warrior
to search for deeper meaning
and to stay open to the answers
in the midst of the challenges
of daily life.
we aren’t expected to be masters,
not right away at least.
When we start,
we are very much like babies,
and we need someone to pick us up
and place us in the cradle of lovingkindness.
Dear little tantruming baby,
will you let yourself be held?

Dear Child of Mine


You had no idea you were coming
and we certainly weren’t planning on it happening
But then there you were.
We met each other and suddenly I knew
everything I was waiting for had finally arrived.
You show me daily where I can grow,
how patience matters,
how a little love and encouragement
go a long way toward helping
the garden of your mind
grow beautiful blossoms,
open and pure and sweet.
Such tenderness I feel when I think of you
You remind me of all the things I forgot
in the frantic push to become an adult,
the responsible, professional, gainfully employed person
I thought I was supposed to be
(Why ever was I wanting that anyway?)
I had forgotten what it was like to just sit
and dig in the dirt with a little stick,
in a spot of lawn just by the sidewalk
curious about every little pebble
and bug and blade of grass.
I had forgotten–
but today you reminded me.
Dear child of mine, my heart overflows
when I witness the sweet innocence of your heart
And I laugh big belly laughs when you speak
and tell me in your four year old voice
“So, what is your plan?”
For once I don’t want to plan
I just want to sit and watch as you
grow into more of yourself,
as you discover the world through your own eyes
as you awaken to the stars shining
the moon glowing
the forests humming
the wind breezing
the ocean waving
and magic, everywhere magic
sweet baby of mine,
thank you.