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Just Begin


Just begin.
You don’t have to finish
everything all in one go.
Just get started.
Get the momentum going,
don’t look back.
That project that seemed impossible
now becomes a series
of manageable steps.
The first step?
Take a deep breath.
Be still, close your eyes, go in.
When you take the time
to find center
the smallest actions
can have the most profound impact
on the world around you.
You don’t have to have
it all figured out.
Just begin.

Start Here. Begin Now.


Look around you.
This is where you are now.
Since you cannot reshape the past
and you cannot anticipate the future,
just start here,
right where you are,
right now,
start the practice of steadfastness.
This is where you decide to abide
in the moment,
to stand fast in the center that is you.
This is how you grow strong and steady,
even, balanced and clear.
This is how you awaken to the joy
that is your true nature.
This is where you remember
compassion for the soft little animal in you,
the tender-hearted one that wants to be loved,
the one that wants to live,
to give and to be given to.
Your faults don’t matter–
we all have them,
so don’t let them keep you from starting now,
right where you are.
You don’t have to be perfect–
just decide to be here, to begin now.
Point your feet in the direction you want to go.
Take one tiny step forward.
That is all you need to do.