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To The Fullest


The day dawns,
and with it
a new beginning
full of new possibilities.
God, let me open my eyes
to this day.
Let my path be made clear
before me.
Let me see what needs to be seen
and let me do what needs to be done.
And when I close my eyes tonight,
let me know that I lived this day
to the fullest.

The Real Learning Begins


The last day of advanced yoga teacher training
came and went.
One weekend a month
for nine whole months
felt like such a commitment
at the beginning,
but today it was over, just like that.
While a fair grouping
of my fellow trainees
blew it up on social media,
posting digital collages of their certificates,
moments from today,
cheesy poses and big smiles…
I just hugged a few friends and walked away.
I didn’t feel a need to say,
“Look!  Look at me!  Look at this!”
My inner celebration was enough for me,
and I sat with it on the drive back home,
thinking, Yay! I did it! It’s over.
My husband, mom and sister
had baked eleven dozen ginger cookies;
the house smelled like heaven.
My kids were watching a Christmas movie.
There was no red carpet rolled out for my arrival
as a certified advanced yoga teacher
but I didn’t want a red carpet–
I just wanted to gather my children up
and tell them how happy I was to see them.
I won’t take a picture of my certificate;
it is a piece of paper.
It means nothing, really.
The training is over,
now the real learning begins
as I leave the safe confines of
our classroom
and live the yoga I have learned.