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You Are Spring Too


I’m ready.
Ready for life now.
Like the spring,
jumping up now,
opening now,
blossoming now,
fragrant now.
Wind rustling,
petals scattering,
trees that were pink
two days ago
are now green.
Everything is changing,
and I am part of that change.
my petals will scatter,
my leaves will be green too,
stirred in the breeze
giving music to all the trees.
Now just breathe,
just breathe,
just breathe.
You are spring too.

The Way Flowers Awaken


It never occurred to me
that this process could be at all gentle,
but now that it is slowly dawning on me,
gentleness is what I want.
I want to transform gradually,
wake up to the light
the way flowers awaken in spring—
when the ground softens and warms
and there is no other choice
but to blossom.

Spring Awakening


Let us follow the journey of a seed

going from the depth of winter, hibernation,
and beginning to feel the call to awakening.
The wisdom of a humble seed,
with the perfect amount of concentrated energy to sustain
its life force until the time is right for expansion,
the patience and trust needed, waiting for the emergence,
the proper time and conditions for potential to awaken–
absorbing moisture from the earth,
the seed swells, grows larger,
energies are activated from within,
the shell cracks, and the tiny sprout
The small, subtle beginnings of growth,
tiny roots drawing in nutrients, patiently, patiently
gathering the ability to rise up and move through its dark surroundings
Earth, groundedness, intention
stability, fertility, potential, nourishment, support, connectedness
touched by the warming sun,
coaxing those who were hiding to emerge
Awakening seeds, identifying desires,
giving energy to them, exploring them
 the roots continue to grow down,
the shoot begins to grow upwards
breaking through the old limitations
maybe the soil is thick and dense
and it takes persistence to reach the light,
but keep going, it is there
patience is needed
trust in the process
the sprout is growing,
hold the intentions
recognizing the importance of
foundation, stability
Always growing toward the light
and keeping roots strongly planted in the earth
to sustain the changes in weather
with patience, containment,
in perfect timing
and then the joy of finding the warmth, the expansion,
the urge to grow, to be even more alive
and then the receiving and the celebration of the light
that awakens the potential for upward growth
and remembering that the equinox is about balancing
the dualities
of night and day
cool and hot
female and male,
even as we salute the sun father
we also invoke the moon mother
slowing down, taking time to rest
so that the next day we have energy
for more growth and expansion
soaring to the light
meeting challenges with a clear and balanced mind
and when sensing that energy has been spent,
the natural thing to do is rest, be still, recuperate, gather more energy
reflect on the experience, the meaning that we assign to it
and choose what to keep and what to change the next time around.
root your head in the earth
let the heart’s wisdom flow into the head
as rain pours into the ground
and knowing that sometimes it’s necessary to let go of something old before we can welcome the new,
to spring clean so that we have space
for all of our new seeds to burst forth,
we willingly release patterns of thought and behavior
that we no longer need
in order to make space in our bodyminds
for what is to come.
emerging out of the state of letting go,
the emptiness might feel unfamiliar,
Allowing ourselves to be with those feelings,
to face them,
empowers us to shift and transform.
In that place of clarity, seeing growth opportunities as gifts, exploring edges of familiarity, of safety zones with deliberation
and perhaps learning how to step
a little further beyond the edge
while still respecting where the bodymind is today
Taking moments to integrate experiences
through stillness and rest
And then emerging from the personal experience
to share what you have learned with the world around you,
Each flower contributes to the beauty of the garden.
Share your joy, resonate with this vibration, the seeds of intention grow more swiftly in the warmth and light of your awareness.

Who Needs Permission?


Be especially suspicious
of that voice in your head
that says,
“No, don’t!”
any time you try something new,
or any time you keep trying to do the thing
you are learning how to do.

That voice is the shadow self
who wants to keep you safe
in the realm of the familiar,
that old prison.

Expanding into your most radiant self
is a direct act of disloyalty
to the unconscious beliefs you inherited
by your ancestors, your family, this society.

Be a rebel my friend!
To the voice of doubt say,

Pick up your pen and write.
Grab your paintbrush, and paint.
Sharpen your pencil, and draw.
Open your mouth, and sing.
Cast some yarn onto your knitting needles, and knit!
Reach for your instrument, and play.
Feel the aliveness in your body, and dance.
Wear your finest clothes for no reason at all
and eat your simple meal on your best dishes,
because you are the elegant company you’ve been waiting for.

We aren’t asking for permission
to become our greatest selves–
and that permission will never be granted anyway.

We stake our claim,
stand up and say,

With such conviction
who needs permission?