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The Treasure You Are Meant To Share


If you could look beyond the surface
into the deeper nature of things
you would see that there is nothing to fear.
We can get so caught up in imagined scenarios
that we lose touch with what is real.
Be still.
Breathe in and out slowly
several times.
Go inside.
All of these stories,
they follow you wherever you go;
you keep seeing them
even when you’ve closed your eyes.
What if you could step behind the stories
and see what they conceal?
There is a pure heart
and a clear mind,
a shining jewel of awareness
whose brightness can never be diminished.
Go inside and find it.
It is the treasure you are meant
to share with the world.

Beyond the Illusion


Just as water
appears to change states–
here liquid, there solid,
sometimes vapor,
sometimes sublimated
into tiny particles of
ice suspended in the air–
yet its essential nature
remains the same,
so do we appear to change–
now joy, now depression,
sometimes stagnation,
at other times elation–
and yet our essential nature
always remains the same.
How can this be?
The awakened heart-mind,
the bodhichitta,
is never marred, never broken.
Even in the depths of our
greatest despair
when we are blind to all else
but our own pain–
still the jewel of
our awakened self
remains pure and shining.
Consider the clouds
obscuring the sun from our view.
Has the sun changed?
Of course not!
So it is when thought clouds
obscure the light of consciousness.
It remains there,
ever shining, ready to illuminate
the whole world
as we remember
what lies beyond the illusion.

Begin Here. Start Now.


We can’t start anywhere else
so may as well start
right where we are.
Don’t wait to be a better person.
What is that anyway?
A warrior trains with what is here.
This life of awakening gives us what we need
to learn, to grow, to expand,
to be more present
in our own clear, tender heart space.
Past and future are illusion.
We only have this one blessed moment.
Begin here.
Start now.

You Have Everything You Need


You have everything you need
to awaken to your own true nature.
It is here, beating in your heart.
It is the feeling you have when you look up
into the endless expanse of the blue sky.

It is in the way the light changes day by day,
summer giving way to autumn,
the light humbly bowing to the darkness
as it arrives.

It is in the simple taste of water
the deep breath you are breathing right now
The tingling in your fingertips
when you are awake enough
to remember the precious instrument
that is your body
with its myriad sensations, gross and subtle.

There is nothing that you need to acquire.
It is all right here in this moment.
Just look around.
Life will reveal to you
exactly what you need to know
in order to remember
who you are,
who you always have been,
who you always will be.

The Song of Your Awakening


There is  a treasure
as close to you as your own heart
deeper than the ocean
more spacious than the cosmos.
Concealed in layers
of physical existence,
it waits for you to see it shining there,
to realize its changeless, untarnished nature,
glowing pure and bright and clear…
The jewel of your awakened heart,
the jewel of bodhichitta
is the only jewel you could ever need
the only jewel that truly exists.
Why sigh and exclaim
over some big cold rock
on a woman’s finger?
What good does it do this world?
But the warmth of your heart jewel,
this is worth every kingdom
every crown
every coin
every title and position of power.
Seek not the jewels of this physical world.
Dive deeper and find the most precious jewel,
hold it a moment, then share it.
Watch the world sigh and exclaim
prayers of deepest gratitude,
singing the song of your awakening.