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Gratitude, Day 31 of 48: Discipline


Spirit: Time to get up and meditate.
Mind: Nope. I wanna sleep in.
Spirit: Time to get up and meditate.
Mind (whining): But I wanna just be comfyyyyyyy.
Spirit: Get up and meditate. Now.
Body (silently) gets up, gets dressed, goes downstairs
and meditates.
Takeaway: Spirit always wins, thanks to discipline.

Beloved Fragrance


I’ve been searching for something out there,
sometimes catching a whiff of its fragrance
in the wind.
It would render me melancholy
to sense it but experience it
so far away,
when my heart longed for this thing
I could not know.
Sometimes it was a rush of cold air
into my nostrils
as I stepped from my grandmother’s house
into the winter night
and I’d search for the star
in the dark blue sky
that told me the light
was returning soon.
For the longest time
I feared the magic and suppressed it
much to my heart’s dismay.
The whole world seemed cold and dark
and I was trapped in a prison
of my own making.
Spirit came to rattle me out of my cage
and throw me into the light of day.
Such a fool I was,
resisting a project of God’s hand.
How can I stop the ocean from surging?
How can I move the sun in the sky?
How can I make the moon glow brightly?
How can I give the gift of new life?
I only experience these things
because consciousness pours through me.
Who made this consciousness,
the perceiver and the perceived?
My body speaks clearly.
Its language is believed.
I trust the longing in me now.
The magic in me swells alive within.
I open the door to the cold and dark everywhere
and catch its beloved fragrance on the wind.

You’re Alive!


This day is a huge gift!
How many people who were alive yesterday
didn’t wake up today?
And yet here you are, reading these words—
isn’t it amazing you can look at these symbols
and your precious brain makes meaning of them
in a way that your heart can be touched
or your body may want to move?
At any moment you might breathe deeply
and settle into stillness,
or you may jump up
and run like crazy.
You can
Isn’t it amazing?
You’re alive!

Really Listen


And then there comes a time
in our healing process
where there is nothing else to be done
except be still, feel, wait.
We can spend so much time
trying to make the painful feelings go away,
but they are there for a reason.
Our feelings speak to us
through the sensations in our body.
If we would learn from them
we must get still and listen…
really listen.

Thank You Body


Listening to my body…
Musing at how,
in its infinite wisdom,
it shows me exactly how
I need to take care of myself,
how, in its most gloriously
accurate wisdom,
it reveals to me how
I haven’t been taking
care of myself.
What an exquisite thing,
my body,
and how little time
do I actually spend
appreciating it.
Instead of dwelling
on every little thing
that bothers me,
that arouses anxiety,
that makes me feel
I think my time
will be better spent
in a conversation with my body,
where I listen,
and at intervals,
say thanks.

Amen Me


Catching my breath
hoping someone will catch me
my body is tired
and my mind…
but my soul wants me to awaken,
to be aware, to learn, grow
assimilate, integrate,
and then radiate the peace
of self-knowing.

I want rest.
I want to have the energy to create,
to write, sing, paint, play an instrument,
to sew
and to KNOW
that this is all how it was meant to be.

Amen me.

Spring Cleaning


Breathing in
I receive all of this new
fresh spring energy
into my body

Breathing out,
I let go of what is no longer needed
from my body

Spring cleaning–
we clear the house
of musty old things that no longer serve
and the energy is vibrant and fresh
when we are done

So it is with the mind and the body
We can spring clean the mind,
letting go of old, self-limiting beliefs
and we can spring clean the body,
feeding it wholesome food,
allowing it to free itself of impurities.

Go on now.
Summon your courage.
The time is right for letting go.
The time is right for welcoming something new!

Do You Remember Who You Are?


Lest you confuse yourself with something you are not,
take a moment to consider the impermanence of things.

Summer quickly fades into autumn,
and suddenly the leaves that were once
shining emerald green in the bright sun
now lie brown  and brittle and cracked on the sidewalk.

You were a baby once,
with tiny fingers and toes and fuzz for hair,
and now look at you–
look how you have grown!

This body is changing daily,
you are not this body.
Your mind fluctuates more than the rising and falling
of a million billion waves–
you are not this mind.

Anything that changes is not you.
So who are you?

Look upon this world.
Anything that you see with your body’s eyes
is impermanent.
Anything you can hear, smell, taste, and touch,
This body, this mind, this whole world,
all impermanent.

What then abides?
Close your eyes and sit still.
Take a deep breath and another and another.
Now do you remember who you are?

This Body Mind Heart Spirit Being


Ahh, this body, so tired, wanting rest
it has its needs, and I must listen
I’d like to take many more trips around the sun
I need the time to practice, to learn, to grow
before this body takes its final rest.

This mind. Oh, this mind, such a drama queen
Always blowing things out of proportion
Rising to the heights of joy
plunging to the depths of sorrow
I ask for it to be steady.
I have to keep asking…
it doesn’t give up its habits so easily.
Patience. Patience with this mind,
so childlike, needing understanding.
Patience with this mind that wants happiness,
just like the rest of us.

This heart, thumping wildly,
plodding along faithfully
comforting when I notice it
continuing anyway when I don’t
I’d like to ask this heart for more of its wisdom
but the drama queen mind is a diva
and drowns out the sweet soft heart song
in her clamoring for attention.
But the heart waits patiently,
this heart that is big enough to hold all of it,
all of it with compassion
and kindness.

This spirit, transcendent, pure,
limitless, elusive
I know you’re in there,
can you hear me knocking?
Please, open the door.
I want to meet this spirit
the sages keep telling me about
This spirit that is the answer to all questions
This spirit that needs nothing and gives everything
This spirit who in time awakens us all
to the startling truth of our undeniable connectedness.
Sometimes I see you where I would never expect
Sometimes I search until my eyes are blind
And still you evade me.
Sometimes I find you, because I sit still
And my identity melts for a moment
And I remember that pure being
is all there is
But then the drama queen diva
tightens her death grip on my attention
And I’m back in the room,
wondering if I was simply dreaming
this spirit into existence
But I know you’re there somewhere.
How else would I have been given
the gift of fervent heart seeking,
willingness to stay on this path
endurance to keep trying
courage and strength and perseverance
this path of spirit?

And now, this being…
Relaxing into this moment,
the knowledge that all is well.
This one breath.
This one moment.
Only this.
And I remember, always and forevermore,
I am not body,
I am not mind,
I am not spirit,

I am the being comprised of non being
The essence of that which has no essence
The one who is present-absent
The blind seer
The loving hater
The ignorant knower
The joyful griever
The beautiful monstrosity
Not the extremes or their labels–
Not the awareness or the lack thereof
I am all that is, and all that is not.

No more words.
Only this.