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Just Now All is Well


Just in this moment,
just now, all is well.
I finish up my evening sit,
I continue to breathe mindfully.
The essential oil diffuser is
sending out the beauty
of lavender and vetiver
into the air,
blessing the air,
making me want to breathe more deeply.
All of this talk of trying so hard
makes me tired.
Why not take a cue
from the lavender mist?
Just be sent out like a cloud,
merge with the space around you,
dissolve into being.
Just now, breathing,
all is well.

Full Brain Function


This morning I read
80% of people don’t breathe deeply enough
to enable full functioning of their brains.
And I thought to myself,
I want my brain to function fully.
So I breathed a little more mindfully today.
What would happen if I enabled
full functioning of my brain?
How would I even measure this?
Anyway, I’ll try to remember to breathe more deeply
and more often,
and I’ll see if anything changes.
Who knows, maybe I’ll become a member
of the 20% who do breathe deeply enough
to enable full functioning of their brains.
Who are these people anyway?
Some secret society of deep breathing
big brained levitating mutants
with superpowers?
To be continued…

NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 15: A Dialogue


Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt tells us to try a dialogue poem. ¬†Alrighty then.


A Dialogue Between My Neurotic Mind and My Breath

Neurotic Mind:

Oh my god,
I’m going to be FIVE MINUTES LATE
to my daughter’s preschool for pick up time
that makes me a terrible mother,
and the director and my daughter’s teacher
are going to resent me for being late
for the umpteenth time.
Now I’m rushing,
and teaching my son terrible habits
as I drag him out into the rain
and drive too fast to the school.
Poor little guy,
I don’t pay enough attention to him,
and he’s growing bigger every day.
Why didn’t I savor his babyhood more?
And now it’s all gone.
I’m such a poor time manager.
Why do I do this to myself?
Will I never learn?
What is wrong with me?
Now I’m speeding, and it’s dangerous.
Hopefully I don’t get pulled over.
I shouldn’t be rushing like this.
Better late than dead.
They’re going to hate me for my lateness.
Oh good. ¬†I’m only three minutes late.

Inhale slowly.
Exhale slowly.
No other moment but this one.
More space than you can imagine,
right here,
right now.
Breathe in,
breathe out.
All is well.