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Setting Down the Burdens


What invisible weight have you been carrying
right there on your shoulders–
Is it the weight of the world?

Well now it is time to shrug,
allow that invisible weight to fall off,
and then bow your head to the earth.

Rest, friend, rest.
Breathe, relax, let go.
Find stillness, for a moment, just be.

When you set down your burdens,
imagined and real,
there is now a chance to feel your lightness.

It is there in the rhythm of your breath,
there in the rhythm of your days, the seasons,
there in the wind, in the water,
in the music that reminds you of the beauty in this life.

When you are feeling strong again, and ready,
you can pick up whatever it was you were carrying,
perform your service in this world for the benefit of all–

But don’t forget to set the burdens down from time to time,
and see who you are without them.
You need both work and rest to be happy, healthy,
in harmony with all of life.