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So Many Choices


Rainy day.
Taught two yoga classes,
body is tired.
Kids are with their dad and his mistress
on a “family” trip to the ocean…
And I’m here, alone,
to make this time count.
What do I do?
Take a nap?
Read a book?
Make some art?
Write in my journal?
Play my guitar?
Bang on my drum?
Sew a dress?
Knit a scarf?
Drink some wine?
When faced with so many choices,
I work myself into such a tizzy
it’s hard to choose anything at all.
I suppose I could do all of the above.
But let’s be really really real—
isn’t it delightful to have so many choices?
Maybe I’ll just go write in my gratitude journal,
thankful to be asking these questions at all.

Joy is Possible Now


Joy is possible now.
It is a choice you make.
Before you decide how things should be
Open your heart to how they are now.
Don’t confine yourself
in a glass ball
you’ve painted with your favorite illusions–
step out into the light of day
and see the colors of the world,
sniff the air,
feel the sun on your face.
A picture of an apple
Is not an apple.
Hold a real apple in your hands,
appreciating its weight and shape and color.
Take a bite and taste the tart sweetness.
It doesn’t matter if there are a few brown spots–
they prove that the apple has lived a little.
Hold real life in your hands.
Appreciate its weight and shape and color.
Take a bite and taste it all–
the joy and sorrow the pleasure and pain
the loss and gain, the everything, always.
It doesn’t matter if there are a few
mishaps, a few misdeeds, a few failures.
They just prove you have lived a little.

Choose Wisely


Mastery takes time,
so does a masterpiece,
so don’t fix your eyes on the fantasy of completion–

instead enjoy every small step you take
in the direction back home to your true nature.

Your creative self beckons,
says, “It has been far too long.”
When you hear its voice,
for God’s sake don’t make it wait!

This inspiration is a divine gift.
Accept it graciously,
and remember who you are.

The tools are in your hands.
If they are not in your hands,
then they are right over there on that shelf.
If they aren’t on the shelf,
they are somewhere close by,
with a neighbor, a friend, a fellow traveler–
so never use the excuse
that you lack the tools to accomplish something;

the tools are all around you,
begging, longing for your touch.

Now, what are you going to make
of this one precious human life that is yours?

Choose wisely.
One path leads to bliss,
and the other to bliss.

Now, what do you choose?

I choose bliss!