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Choose To Feel Good


I choose to feel good.
Even though I was programmed
by people who were programmed
to believe that life is a struggle
and there is never enough good,
today I choose to exist in the possibility
that I can feel good most of the time.
Even though I’ve made lots of mistakes,
even though I don’t have all the answers,
even though I’m not sure of my future,
I choose to feel good.
I can feel grateful for my past;
it brought me to this now.
I can feel grateful for this now;
it is holding me and giving me
this opportunity to awaken.
I can awaken to my power to choose
how I think and act and feel.
Today, I choose to feel good.

The Empowered Choice


Make the empowered choice.
And which one is the empowered choice?
Think of your options,
and sense in your body the one
that leaps up with a solid yes.
Choose the yes.
When you tune into
your body’s intuition,
it will lead you to
the most empowered choice.
Don’t believe me?
Try it out.
For one week,
make the choices that feel the best.
Drop the shoulds,
the stories of obligation,
and disempowerment.
Feel into each moment,
and let your body tell you
which choice
will propel you forward
into your true heart’s destiny.
Then report back to me.

Choose Wisely Now


You don’t need to go anywhere in particular.
You don’t have to search for something.
You don’t need to meet someone specific
and above all, there is no need to wait–
This moment now,
this is the path.
This path, this is the point.
Not to get somewhere,
to do something,
to be someone,
but right now, to be here,
to bring everything that you are
to this moment, this path that you are on.
Isn’t it a relief to realize
that you can use every life experience
to grow a little wiser?
You don’t need to seek an accomplished teacher
You are the teacher.
You are also the student, the healer, the killer, the lover.
You are the newborn baby
and the old one lying on a deathbed,
You are all of these and more,
always, all moments.
On the path, you see which one
you have chosen to be in this moment.
Choose wisely now.