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Where We Are


Now that I’ve been
nurturing hope,
“I love myself, I love myself,”
as much as possible,
moving toward
and self-compassion—
I’ve been naturally drawn
to taking better care of my living space.
I’ve been decluttering the house
room by room,
taking trips to the local donation spots,
and each time I release something,
I can hear the house
sighing in relief,
breathing better.
Ahh, space.
If space is really what we need,
why do we spend some much time
accumulating things
to fill it with?
may we stop
acquiring things
just long enough
to take a breath,
look into one another’s eyes,
and remember
where we are.

The Gift of the Broom


And then it occurred to me
that it’s true, the old saying
about happiness being
a simple matter of
one’s attitude…
Take, for example,
earlier today when I was sweeping the floor.
I found myself in a negativity spiral,
tired, hormonal, not really wanting
to clean up a mess that other people made.
And then it hit me…
My eyes can see the crumbs,
the dried grains of rice,
the cat hair,
the tiny styrofoam balls
that scurry every which way.
My hands can hold the broom,
they know how to move it
to bring all these particles together.
Someone taught me how to do this

long ago, and my mind remembers.
I have a floor to sweep,
in a comfortable house that is mine,
a house that I share with a husband
and two beautiful children.
And suddenly,
I enjoyed the feel of the broom handle,
its smoothness and coolness,
the swish swish
as it moved across the floor.
I enjoyed watching the floor
miraculously become cleaner, brighter,
magic by my own hands.
Yes, attitude really is everything.
Now for the toilets!