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Gratitude: Day 3 of 48

Nature…my heart, my soul

I have sought solace many times outside

During the darkest of times

I cried by the rushing streams

Sat and shivered on rock outcropping

Held my face up to the moon

Soaked in the radiance of the stars.

I felt seen by the Great Mother,

Remembered that I am temporary here,

Living on borrowed time…

I give thanks for the natural world

Who has always welcomed me with open arms.

My problems didn’t go away,

But somehow they were more manageable…

Thank you, Great Mother, thank you.

The Choice Is Yours


Always in the process of becoming,
always in flux,
life is movement, not stagnation…
so why do we yearn for
safety, stability, routine?
Our minds are hardwired
for familiarity, comfort and ease,
but our greatest potential
and truest growth
exist just outside of the comfort bubble.
Transcending the constraints
of the life we knew
will feel, by definition, uncomfortable,
as we leave the safety of our bubble
and venture into possibility.
Ask yourself who you’d rather be
as you lie on your deathbed about to take your last breath:
A person who took the familiar path
A person who lived an extraordinary life.
The choice, dear one, is yours.

Right About Now


I’m discovering that
it takes more courage than I thought
to keep going in the face of uncertainty.
A part of me envies
those with established lives:
established work, established relationships,
complete with vacation plans, retirement plans,
and even plots for what remains of them
one day when they’re done with this earthly life…
Another part of me knows
that my spirit would wither and die
if I were made to exist within the confines
of so much familiarity.
Yes, my wild spirit
would not condone all these plans.
So where is the balancing point?
I’m tired of the anxiety that comes
from not knowing where I’m going.
I’m tired of feeling guilty and ashamed
that at this point in my life
I still haven’t “figured it out.”
More questions than answers,
and so easy to blame the one
who pulled the rug out from under
the stability I once enjoyed
as the female parental unit
in our family of four.
Faced with so much uncertainty,
I want to run and hide,
I want to escape…
but from what? From whom?
I realize there is no escape.
I cannot run from myself.
I cannot distance myself
from the one who craves stability
and who at the same time
wants to live wild and free.
How can I bring these warring factions
to rest within the space of awareness?
How can I get them to settle
and engage in some quality peace talks?
Ah, answer me that and I’ll dub you a shaman,
a wise one, a mentor, a guide.
Come to think of it,
seems like I need one of those right about now.

Back Home to Being


You can begin now,
right where you are.
Don’t wait–
tune in to what is,
You aren’t trying to fix anything,
just notice.
There is a middle ground
between repressing and reacting
and there you will find
one little tender spot of awareness.
Touch it for a moment
and you might just remember
who you really are–
much more than who you think you are.
There is nothing wrong with you.
Let yourself feel what you are feeling,
breathe in all of it,
Feel the discomfort, the heaviness, the grief
on your in breath.
As you breathe out,
radiate comfort, light, relief–
for all beings who are in the same boat as you.
You can start where you are–
with all of the messiness of life,
just as it is–
the pain, the aversion, the fear,
they can all be gateways back home
to that one little tender spot of being.
Don’t wait.
Come home now,
back home to being.

Gratitude in the Snow Storm


So grateful.
I attended day  two
of a weekend workshop today,
and Mother Nature
brought on the snow storm early.
It felt fast and furiously
through the afternoon,
and by early evening
it was impossible
for me to drive home.
My husband called
one of his clients
who is also a friend
and asked if I could stay
the night at his home,
where he lives with
his lovely partner.
I found myself
grabbing a bite to eat
at a local Thai restaurant
and trekking through the snow
to their house
just blocks from the studio.
How welcoming they were!
They put out fresh towels
on the guest room bed,
a change of clothes,
got a load of wash started for me
so that I could have clean clothes
in the morning,
and offered every possible comfort
one could ask for.
A vacation for me.
I miss my husband and my children terribly,
and yet…
it’s so beautifully quiet.
I will take this time as a retreat,
enjoy the quiet,
sit in meditation…
find stillness,
and silently give thanks
over and over again,
for this snow storm
that reminded me
how my needs
are always met,
and often in unexpected ways.
So grateful.
Breathing now.

Grateful Now


Late afternoon,
and the shadows begin to lengthen into the street.
Little wisps of smoke
curl out of the neighbor’s chimney,
mingling with the wind’s frigid kiss.
The golden sun shines bravely
through the winter chill
and promises that one day
it will be warm again.
Inside our furnace runs almost continuously
trying to keep up with our desire for comfort,
for warmth.

I wonder about the homeless.
I hope they have some warm place to go.
I wish for them every comfort that they need–
shelter, clothing, food, community.

For one moment
both of my children are quiet,
and I have this little moment to myself
to look around and see all that I have.

Grateful now.