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I Hope So


Driving home,
tired to the bone,
the Pawlonia and honey locust
give me hope,
glowing in the setting sun.
Whizzing by
do the other drivers see
the majesty of this moment,
this life?
I’m feeling alone.
All of the other old feelings come back.
I ask again why it has come to this,
why I am now struggling financially,
why my children aren’t with me daily,
why he gets to strut around town
with a new woman
(in her sexy dresses and high heels)
while I’m at home alone
worrying about money.
I’m tired.
Maybe this will all look different tomorrow.
I hope so.

What Do I Do?


My precious ones are back with me
and home feels like home again.
I am struck by the stories they tell.
We met Dad’s girlfriend.
Her cats’ names are Chubby and Skinny.
We had ice cream.
We’re all going out to dinner for Dad’s birthday.
And I realize that the biggest loss of all
may be the loss of the shared experience of family.
We used to do things together.
We used to be a family…
and now we’re not.
I still can’t believe it some days.
Some nights I still reach for him
thinking he’s still in bed with me,
but he has been sharing his bed with another
for months.
Somehow I still love him.
What do I do with this?

I Do Not Know


My mind is full
and my body tired.
I ask my writing
to do the impossible–
wake me up
although I am sleepy
and remind me of what is good
as my mind swarms with confusing,
dark thoughts.
The plight of the human–
to live with so much ambivalence,
to strike a balance
and live with consequences,
defining what center is
as it shifts from day to day,
attempting to find stability
when the only constant is change.
I go to sleep hoping
that it will all make more sense in the morning,
but my strange dreams contribute
to the ever growing realization
that there is so much I do not know.