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A Walk in the Wet


Rain boots, raincoat,
wet forest
wind flinging drops from the leaves
in a symphonic whishhhh
landing on my head.
River water rising, brown.
Ferns, moss, mud,
slippery stones,
dark fallen leaves everywhere
on drenched earth.
Balmy wind blowing hot and moist on skin.
Walking, walking.
Singing, singing.
Dancing, dancing.
Even warmer.
Blue skies.
More clouds.
A distant rumbling
of storm meeting storm.
Tromping along a
watery path,
ducking underneath
a weaver’s delicate masterpiece
strung from leaf to leaf
nearly invisible.
Remembering to breathe,
thankful for the cradle
nature always give me
when my heart yearns
for the silence of a
woodland cacophony.

This Is Enough


What is enough, really?
Let’s ask ourselves this question,
this practical, necessary question.
Because if we can’t identify
what enough is,
if we don’t know what
we are looking for,
we’ll never find it.
Imagine searching
your whole life
as a hungry ghost,
always searching
for more more more,
never discovering enough.
Enough is freedom.
Enough is safety.
Enough is peace.
Try this:
Breathing in,
silently repeat
This is enough.
Breathing out
silently repeat
I am enough.
Really sense the truth
in these words.
Really feel and know
this moment is enough
and you are enough…
but only if you want to be
happy and free.

What More Can I Ask For?


The gratitude comes in waves,
and it’s for nothing in particular…
or should I say it’s for everything?
The morning light filtering through leaves
and the still cool, moist ground
carpeted in moss beneath my feet.
Beloveds I haven’t yet met
making merry all around me;
music, festivities, food and drink,
laughter, artistry, and a healthy dose
of debauchery…
Really, what more can I ask for
in a moment that gives me everything?

Your Tender Heart


What are you searching for?
What are you hoping to find?
What do you think will make you happy?
Just stop, close your eyes, sit still.
Take a deep breath.
Everything you always wanted
is where it has always been,
where it always will be–
right here within you,
inside the most sacred
chamber of your achingly
beautiful, tender heart.

Universal Soul


But is it even accurate to say
My soul?
When I use words like
I, me, mine,
I’m drawing a line
between who I perceive myself to be
and the rest of life around me.
My experience of the soul
is that it is universal…
this spirit in us that links all of us
draws no lines,
has no boundaries.
It’s only when I’m caught up
in my personal story
that I might see a difference
between my soul and yours.
Words cannot express the truth,
they can only point us in the direction
of some sort of meaning
that approaches our idea of truth.
I cannot adequately describe this feeling of
oneness, connectedness,
that blossoms in me
when I lose my sense of self
and become absorbed
into the Universe of being.
If I had to use words
to describe this state
the most accurate
would not be my soul,
but the soul,
Not my awareness,
simply the awareness.
In such a state
there is no more I.
This feeling of connectedness
guides my decisions, every step.
I could study this feeling my whole life
and never really know what it is.

Happy Student of Life


Flip-flops on my feet in February
Sun shines and warms my heart
Learning a new skill
Wholeness within myself
Excited about what I can
make, think and do.
Anticipating fun times ahead
Happy to be here, to be alive
Life as a constant experience
of creativity
Feeling fulfilled by the day to day stuff
Grateful for my health,
my family, my home,
my resources
Wonderful peace in breathing
Wondering what the future holds
Happy to have the option
of remaining present in body mind
Grateful for my teachers
A happy student of life.

What Really Matters


It struck me how backwards we can be
with our priorities.
Take, for example,
the emphasis we place on the size of our homes,
the way we decorate their interiors,
how powerful our car’s engine is,
how much our income is,
where we will take our next vacation,
how fast our internet is,
how large is our flatscreen,
how expensive our shoes…
We get so caught up in these things,
we might forget that there are many other things
that matter so much more–
the size of our hearts,
the way we decorate our inner world,
how powerful our mind is,
how much we can love,
where our generosity is most needed,
how quickly we can forgive,
how large is our vision,
the value we place on our relationships…
If you ever feel dissatisfied
with the way your life has turned out,
ask yourself if you haven’t momentarily
gotten your priorities mixed up.
You might find that reducing
your material desires
and setting your sights
on the singular goal
of realizing your fullest potential
will immediately shift your perspective
and help you see clearly again
what really, truly matters.

The Wanting


It comes
sometimes slowly–
creeping up,
sometimes quickly–
like an explosion,
but it doesn’t matter how it gets here,
it always comes–
the wanting.

Wanting to be richer
wanting to be older
wanting to be younger
wanting to be more beautiful
wanting to be thinner
wanting to be fatter
this wanting fills us until we know nothing else…

wanting to be more accepted
wanting that new pair of shoes
that big ass TV
that super fast car
a new bottle of perfume
a bigger house
a summer home
a place to call home
to have a family
to escape from family
a vacation in the tropics, when winter’s chill has settled in the bones
the chill of autumn in the height of burning summer
and always there is still more wanting…

wanting recognition
wanting love
wanting peace
wanting understanding
wanting compassion
wanting closure
and the wanting continues…

there is no end to the wanting.
knowing this, let us recognize that feeling,
that all encompassing feeling of wanting,
the urge to accumulate more belongings
to accumulate people
or attention
or sunshiny weather–

and let us remember,
with every fiber of our being,
let us remember,

that when we shed our bodies
there is no more wanting,
only union, merging with the
great unbounded consciousness of ALL THAT IS.

What if we could merge with this consciousness now?
What if, in this alive body, we could know
awareness beyond wanting?

Sitting in stillness and breathing,
let yourself awaken to who you are,
the self in you that exists beyond body and mind:
the peace, the joy, the lightness, the contentment–
your truest self, your luminous, beautiful, invisible
essence self.

No more wanting now…
just being in this blissful self that you are,
floating in the infinite ocean of consciousness.

Let’s Do Our Job


It occurred to me tonight
as I invoked the muses before writing,
that yes,
it is nice to have divine inspiration,
but it can’t do much if we don’t receive
what it is we are asking for.

Let’s get clear on what we want:


and then let us receive these things we ask for,
by breathing in deeply.

Then feeling the existence of these wondrous qualities within us,
let us share them with all beings
by giving of ourselves,
breathing out completely.

Yes, invoke divine beings–
angels, teachers, guides,
but then let’s do our job too.

Let’s Breathe.