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Have You Remembered?


Read, listen, breathe, enjoy…but not necessarily in that order…

When you woke up this morning,
did you remember who you really are?
Have you remembered yet today?
If not, let me remind you,
but first,
and then,
There now, that’s better, isn’t it?
You are pure consciousness in a physical body
standing on a tiny blue dot
in the middle of infinite space.
You are a single cell on that blue dot,
a subatomic particle of the atom in which you live,
and yet your consciousness
is bigger than the universe.
Can you open in awareness of this vastness?
Can you feel out to the farthest reaches of space,
can you sense into the urge to expand forever?
Can you take on the awareness of a star,
burning in your desire to express your light?
Can you spin the way a planet spins,
can you feel its mass,
and can you sense the momentum it has attained
in its embrace of the cosmic dance?
And YOU, how about your embrace?
You are the center of the universe, did you know that?
You are, in this very second,
entirely surrounded, held, seen, known, loved and cherished
by the force that created you
(and you can call it what you want!)
You are sovereign in your center,
holding the consciousness of the cosmos.
Now that you’ve remembered
that the entire universe is yours to command,
what now will you do?

Both Were


This is the urgency: Live! and have your blooming in the noise of the whirlwind.
—Gwendolyn Brooks

There was something I was meant to learn
about cosmic balance today,
and so I let loose the fire, the fury, the heaviness
in the morning
and drew forth the rain, the peace, the lightness
at twilight.
Both felt equally important.
Both were.

NaPoWriMo Day 5: Heirloom Seed Inspiration: Cosmos


A cosmos of
bright lights,
orange memories
and Mona’s picotee*
sea shells mixed
with endless sensation…
It is so vibrant
in this garden,
this cosmic garden of life.

NaPoWriMo Day 5.  I found the prompt a little “out there,” but maybe that’s because I was expecting an invitation to write with something more technical, like a perfectly planned pentameter. Anyhow, I went searching for seeds and ended up colliding with the cosmos.  If nothing else, I enjoyed seeing pictures of flowers, corn, carrots, tomatoes, radishes, watermelon…now I’m hungry and my head is full of vibrant images.  So I guess you could say I enjoyed this exercise in the end.
* I had to look this one up…in reference to flowers a picotee is a variety in which the petals have an outer margin of a different color.  See the picture below; you can just make out in the foreground a flower with soft pink petals and then a thin magenta margin at the ends.


Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 9.33.46 PM