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Creativity Takes Time


Creativity takes time,
and I’m taking mine.
It might appear
to those who want to smear
my good name across the floor
that I’m good for nothing,
and should be doing more.
But I know better.
I’m learning and growing,
and knowing that 99% of the work I’m doing
is invisible—I don’t expect anyone to see me.
I don’t need anyone’s approval.
I don’t care what people think about me.
I’ll take as much time as I need
to process this new information,
and when I’m ready,
I’ll move on.
Creativity takes time,
and I’m working on my greatest
masterpiece yet—
my life.

Creativity Everywhere


Creativity is natural.
It is coming home
to the best of ourselves
and learning how to
transform what is dull
and stagnant
into a bright,
dynamic expression
of our deepest selves.
Don’t look outside yourself
to discover just how your
creative talents and abilities
want to be expressed.
Close your eyes.
Be still.
Go inwards.
There is a fire burning inside you.
Can you feel it?
Step closer,
look into the flames.
This is the fire
of transformation,
of creation.
Let your old self-concept
be burned away to reveal
the vibrant self
that was always there.
As you step out into the world
this shining self
will fan the flames
of creativity everywhere.
Your life is your greatest work of art.

Relax, Create, Savor…Repeat.


I realized I had been waiting for more time
more confidence
a better mood
a more restful night of sleep
more quiet…
and nothing was getting done.
I realized that if I stopped waiting
and just started something
the rest would follow.
To enjoy my creativity is simple:
I take a deep breath,
pick something up–
a pen
a piece of fabric
some yarn
and I just DO SOMETHING.
And this is all creativity is.
It’s doing something
with the time and the resources
that we have available to us.
As I relaxed my expectations
about what a creative moment
should look like
I was able to become absorbed
in the act of creation itself.
What a beautiful meditation!
The creative process is bigger than my fears
or my beliefs in lack of time, energy or resources.
All I need to do is surrender,
and here again is the flow
I’ve been longing for.
it feels so good to create!
I don’t want to wait anymore;
I want to express what is within me,
what has been wanting to be expressed
for eons.
no one need know or approve of me.
That’s freedom.
My new mantra–
Relax, create, savor…repeat.

Innocent Creativity


Creativity without a goal–
without pressure
without judgment
without hesitation
without expectation…
the freedom of this.
To be a child again
able to easily tap into
this endless fount
of inspiration
without rumination.
Watching my daughter
I remember my own childhood
moments of creative bliss.
So grateful to have her here
reminding me
of what still can be
when I can get out of my way
and simply enjoy this day
of alive, innocent creativity.

Inner Awakening


I’ve been meditating on creativity,
what it is,
and how to express my creativity
more often
in order to live an inspired life.
My mind opens to the possibility
that I don’t need to be a famous artist
in order to create art…
I don’t even need another soul
to see my creations
and recognize them as art
in order for me to enjoy them.
It’s the moment of creation–
not necessarily the end result–
that brings the opening
and still more opening
to the possibilities that lie
within and ahead of me.
Living in that freshness
life becomes an exciting adventure
once more.
I thought I needed to travel the world
for my life to be interesting…
It turns out that my inner landscape
is just as fascinating as the one I survey
in the outer world,
The discoveries I make within myself
are even more astounding
than anything I could chance upon
out there,
The treasure I find on this inner exploration
is worth more than any precious gem
found on earth.

Life’s Perfect Unfolding


Stuck in a thought
that says
I have no idea what to write
I pause, hesitate,
fingers hovering above the keyboard
with nowhere to go.
I step behind the thought.
I see the rest of the world,
this life.
I see a candle flickering
I hear my husband snoring,
it may snow tonight.
This life is a mystery,
so much to be discovered.
I might see some of it
if I step out of the prison
of thoughts like
I have no idea what to write.
A deep breath expands me,
I am fulfilled.
I never had to write anything,
I do this because I want to.
Realizing this is freeing enough
to pause and smile.
I have no idea what to write?
How silly!
This life writes itself
if I can step back
and simply observe
its perfect unfolding.

Everyday Creativity


As I start to believe
in the goodness of life,
I experience great wonder
at every little thing that comes my way.
Conversations about possibilities
that raise the hair on my arms,
a feeling of excitement for what can be.
A good cup of coffee I didn’t have to make,
handed to me by one of my family,
looking up at the mountains
and the blue sky,
enjoying a moment to write and to think.
As I let go of my rigid expectations
for how it is all supposed to play out,
there is so much more wiggle room
to enjoy this moment as it is.
And as it dawns on me
that I can seize little moments to be creative,
each day is another chance
to express the best that is within me.
A doodle here, a row of knitting there,
a funny little dance while folding laundry,
singing while I empty the dishwasher,
a poem a day, formless, without rules,
and creativity becomes normal
and essential, like my lifeblood,
like my beating heart, like my breath,
like the air that I breathe–
and I am grateful.

Making Things


I am a maker of things,
anythings and sweet nothings…
All of it that comes through
is a big to do
when I let it flow
from what I don’t know
and meet the moment
with a big curious “YES”.
Or even a MAYBE
gives rise to possibility
when I let down my guard
and open my heart
and breathe the inspiration
back into my head and hands
and for just one moment
set down the unreasonable demands
of the one who is afraid of imperfection.
When I’m in this place
I delight in the mistakes;
they have much to teach me
when my soul might beseech me
to let good enough be
and relax back home into me…

More on Escaping Perfectionism


If you can escape the perfectionism trap
you’ll discover that you have plenty of time
to create lots of things.
It took me a long time to realize this.
But now that I’m prying myself free
of that ancient cage,
I’m tasting the wind and the sun
and feeling the crackling old snow
crunching under my feet
and remembering to breathe…
and this space to be here in this moment
reminds me
that when I have words
I can write them–
and they don’t have to be
anything special,
it’s enough that they are mine.
When there is a color I like
I can grab it and put it somewhere
on a piece of paper
and enjoy a simple doodle…
it doesn’t have to be special art,
it’s enough that it is mine.
and I can knit just one or two rows
and let that be enough
and I can scrape together dinner
pulling multiple containers of leftovers
out of the fridge
and then I can relax and watch a silly cartoon
with my children
because I don’t have the phantom of perfectionism
haunting me, menacing me,
at least not as much as before.
And just that tiny bit of space
shows me how much I can do,
how much I already am.

Waiting for You!


Dear Community of Writers and Readers,

Thank you for existing.
Since I began this little blog project in January, I have:

Laughed, cried, celebrated,
Allowed myself to be embraced by virtual arms in cyberspace,
receiving the kindest of words
that have cradled my hurts and given them room for healing.

I have yearned and asked and answered and asked again
Connected with kindred spirits that I may never meet in person, but so what?
To know the essence of a person, their pure creative spirit–this gift is enough for me.

Tonight I read the words of a courageous teacher-poet seeking justice in BC,
A kind soul who writes love notes to herself
and therefore to everyone,
A fellow meditator who is committing to living mindfully,
A poet whose phrases fit together like bass and percussion,
and whose poems leave me feeling like I just heard a really good song…

I read the words of a dancer who encourages us to own our passions
by sharing her own journey back home to her joy,
A visual artist/poet whose soul is clearly of unspeakable depth
and whose imagery leaves me in awe,
A visionary seeker whose poems are each a transcendental experience,
A delightful young lady celebrating one year of blogging and going strong…

I gazed in wonderment at the photographic journey of kindred spirits on a trip to Indonesia,
I read an article shared by a Native American writer who takes time to keep us informed.
Enjoyed the words and drawings of an author/artist whose work glows with spirit
So much to see, to share, to know…

Tonight I read and I read and I read.

And I’m left feeling grateful.  Inspired.
I’m left being reminded that this world is so rich and vast
and that each one of us has something truly special to offer.

If you ever wonder about what you have to share
that is actually worth sharing,
Just be willing to share whatever arises in you,
and know that it is enough!
Don’t wait to be an accomplished musician when each breath is a symphony.
Don’t keep yourself from dancing while your heart beats out a perfect rhythm.
This life asks of you nothing more than to be fully you,
and we’re waiting, we’re waiting for you!