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Learning Every Day


To set down the burden
of needing to know
of needing to prove what I know
of needing the approval of others
and to stand
with childlike wonder
open, curious
about this amazing life–
this is freedom.
With spaciousness like this
within my heart, within my mind
life never ceases
to surprise and delight me,
and I am so grateful.
May I set down the burden
of an expert’s mask,
and stand innocently
waiting to be taught
by whomever and whatever
will teach me.
I am excited to be learning
every day
for the rest of my life.
Thank you life.

Self Made


Every day
a new discovery about this self,
something that has been hiding
a long time
ready for healing.
Every day, a little more light
shed on why I do what I do
why I say what I say
why I think what I think.
For so long I’ve wondered
what would I make of myself
and now I’m just curious
about this self that has made Me.