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Full Moon Winter Solstice


On the longest night
the feminine light
shines full and bright and clear.
The Divine Mother radiates
her love and healing light upon us
and reminds us
that we are never alone.
I am grateful
for the beauty
of this longest night.
As the new day dawns
I remember the light of Spirit,
brighter than the sun,
unchanging, eternal,
ever present.

Something Completely New


And just when I least expected it
my already broken heart
broke even more.
Was there one last
piece of the past
that needed to be pulverized
in order for something new to be born?
Suddenly, it was all broken,
the devastation deeper than I ever knew.
I slept fitfully through
yet another long, dark night,
and when the morning light
reached my eyes
there were words of forgiveness on my lips,
a whisper of hope,
a promise of something completely new.

Know You are Loved (in This Dark Night)


A dark night
when the way you are perceived by others
is a universe apart
from the way you perceive yourself.
When communication falls apart
in spite of the efforts,
When words don’t help
and all that is left is ringing silence
and a feeling of giving up.

This is a ripe time to look inwards
and remember:
we are not who we think we are.
Could we grow wings and fly high above the earth,
we might see that all of those big problems
suddenly become minute with our heightened perspective.

Because our bodies won’t fly,
we must call to our spirits to bear us aloft,
to trust that although we may not understand now,
there is a purpose in this experience,
and finding out what that purpose is
might take time, a long long time–

But this waiting time,
this time of waiting to understand,
this is your life!
So breathe deeply, trust,
open your eyes and heart,
and know that you are loved
more than you could ever possibly know.