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One Little Life


The purpose of the Dark Night
is to better see the light of day
when dawn arrives
and we realize we are still living.
The hurt we feel
helps keep us real
for all others who are hurting.
And the steps we take to heal the hurt
give us the strength to show up
and convey the honest truth
to those who have forgotten.
In the fullness of time
the wounds heal
and reveal the delicate dance
of life balancing on the precipice
of sadness and joy.
Come to the balance point
and regard the potential for both,
inside, outside,
everywhere around you.
Trust that there are no mistakes
and allow the dance to inform
the deepest layers of your being.
Always in a space of becoming,
we are all dreamers, doers, thinkers,
lovers, artists, scoundrels
and precious fools
fumbling through this one little life.

Better That Way


I wake up anxious
and it isn’t yet the middle of the night.
Ah, it’s going to be a long one.
Two hours later
and still sleep hasn’t come.
I close my eyes,
I hope and hope for respite.
I look at the time,
each hour crawling by
so slowly it’s painful.
The morning comes finally.
I take my seat,
dive into my practice,
find enough of my Self
to act like everything is okay
when he leaves the house early
without telling me why.
I ask no questions.
It’s better that way.

Try Again


I survived another dark night
and awoke in the morning light
ready to see the truth
I was too tired to see the night before.
I had felt like all hope was gone,
like I had been abandoned
in a cold, dark and lonely place…
the isolation
giving rise to desperation,
the belief that it would always
feel this way.
But the sun rose
and shone its light in my room.
My children awoke
and I busied myself
with the morning routine.
It had felt like the end
just a few hours before,
but now here
was the proof that it wasn’t:
I was still alive,
I had survived the dark night,
and I showed up
with the courage
to try again.