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Not Entertained


Here’s the part where you get depressed.
And now here is where you lash out at your kids.
And this is where you automatically feel worthless.
And now, in reaction, you will worry about your future.
I love you anyway.

For some reason,
this Inner Voice has stepped up this past week.
I don’t know why…
was it binge watching recordings of Kyle Cease’s
event Evolving Out Loud?
At any rate,
this Inner Voice
is consistently calling me out
on all of my mental states,
reminding me that I am not those states,
nor the observer of those states,
but the Space that holds
both the states and the observer of the states.
So there is now some detachment
from the ever fluctuating states,
like watching a really bad TV show
where the same characters
always do all the same things.
And I am not entertained.

Breathe and Remember


Waiting to hear back about the interview.
They told me the end of next week.
Today was the end of the week.
Nothing. No word.
No email. No phone call.
I was really good at practicing detachment
all week long…
until this morning arrived.
Then I kept checking my phone
every few minutes.
Luckily I taught yoga twice
and saw a coaching client.
Thank God I had work to keep me busy.
How do I practice detachment here?
Oh. That’s right.
I breathe and remind myself
I have no control here.
I breathe and remind myself
I will be fine either way.
I breathe and remind myself
Everything in my life
is an  opportunity to awaken.
I breathe and remember to be grateful.

Do You Remember Who You Are?


Lest you confuse yourself with something you are not,
take a moment to consider the impermanence of things.

Summer quickly fades into autumn,
and suddenly the leaves that were once
shining emerald green in the bright sun
now lie brown  and brittle and cracked on the sidewalk.

You were a baby once,
with tiny fingers and toes and fuzz for hair,
and now look at you–
look how you have grown!

This body is changing daily,
you are not this body.
Your mind fluctuates more than the rising and falling
of a million billion waves–
you are not this mind.

Anything that changes is not you.
So who are you?

Look upon this world.
Anything that you see with your body’s eyes
is impermanent.
Anything you can hear, smell, taste, and touch,
This body, this mind, this whole world,
all impermanent.

What then abides?
Close your eyes and sit still.
Take a deep breath and another and another.
Now do you remember who you are?