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The Same?


I ask my students to be strong,
to keep their hearts open,
to keep trying even when it’s hard—
can I do the same?
I ask them to breathe deeply,
to not just think about breathing,
but really breathe
can I do the same?
I instruct them in finding a more perfect alignment,
to reach for their strength, their will, their discipline—
can I do the same?
I ask them to relax, let go, surrender,
feel grateful for the nourishment of the earth—
can I do the same?
I ask them for a gentle smile,
a sense of pleasure, of enjoyment,
and especially to love their bodies—
can I do the same?
I ask them to think about leadership,
especially self-leadership,
summoning their courage,
getting out of their comfort bubble,
stepping into their fuller potential,
and providing an example
for others who might look to them—
can I do the same?
I look at this moment as a chance for
co-creation, co-evolution,
communication, collaboration
with anyone who is willing to reach for the light—
will you do the same?

I’m Going In


I’ve been receiving the clear message
from Spirit,
from my intuition,
or maybe from just good common sense
that I need to let go of my old stuff
in order to welcome new experiences
into my life.
I mean,
if my heart is full of the past,
longing for a love that once was,
how can it beat with a new rhythm
for someone ready to share love with me now?
If my eyes see only my past
how can I train them
to look toward my future?
If my body is full of my past,
how can I teach it
to move and dance into a new reality?
I’ve been telling myself
that I was too depressed,
to overwhelmed,
too burdened,
too stressed
to start going through my stuff.
But Spirit has been speaking louder and louder
and now I am finally listening.
I realize that I’ve been scared to look at the piles of things
in my basement,
afraid of the memories they will trigger.
But today I feel strong, ready and willing
to face whatever it is, and clear it out,
so that I can have a new, spacious experience
and welcome what I really want into my life.

Get The Stuff Done!


All of a sudden,
as if someone had lit a fire
underneath me,
I felt motivated to get some stuff done.
Things that I had been wanting to do
for weeks…POOF!–
got done in a matter of minutes.
And so I wonder about procrastination.
I wonder about the time I spent
judging myself for not getting things done.
I wonder what I could’ve done with that time,
that energy,
if it were used in service of something greater
than self-recrimination.
May I develop the discipline to notice
when I’m caught in that old trap
and just get the freaking stuff done already!

NaPoWriMo 2017 Day 30: Every Day


Every day, for over five and a half years
I have shown up for my meditation practice.
I have become predictable.
I will rise from my comfy bed
sit upright on a cushion filled with buckwheat hulls,
set a timer, close my eyes and breathe.
Every time I have felt grateful for my practice,
for the stillness and the peace
and the perspective it brings.
For the gift of discipline
and the sense of stability
in  a chaotic world…
For the proof of my existence
beyond my body and the outer world
and the realization
that I always have exactly what I need…
I needed to cultivate discipline
to maintain my practice,
and now that it is there,
I realize that this discipline can help
in other domains of my life.
I began writing daily
because of my daily meditation.
I saw that I can all at once
trust the unfolding
of this miraculous life AND
simultaneously reach out
for that which is dear to my heart.
Who every knew that something so simple
could be so valuable,
so empowering.


When the NaPoWriMo prompt suggested writing a poem about something that happens over and over again, my mind immediately went to my meditation, because that happens every day.

NaPoWriMo 2017 Day 11: Grateful For It All


It’s easy to look back
and see what wasn’t so great about today;
it takes discipline to look back
and recall moments of grace.
At first I might feel guilty
being so preoccupied with negativity
but then I remember that I’m human,
my brain is wired for survival,
this is simply the way things are.
And so I keep a journal.
Every night I write a list
of what made me feel grateful
throughout the day.
Sometimes I draw a blank
and need to really search
to find the answers to the question,
Why am I grateful today?
I end up writing something
seemingly mundane;
but I remember
This is my life.
I can be grateful for it all.

How Remarkable


Start small.
Take one step at a time.
Slow down.
Breathe deeply.
Sit down,
at least for a few minutes
every day.
This habit of finding stillness
and reconnecting to your center
will spill over
into every aspect of your life.
Don’t try to quit unhealthy habits,*
simply begin healthy ones,
and they will shape your life
in marvelous ways.
Don’t talk yourself out of it,
saying you don’t have enough time–
you can find five minutes
right when you wake up
to tune into your center
and start the day with peace.
As you commit to your daily practice,
prepare to be amazed
at what you’re capable of accomplishing.
As you tap into the deep source
of your power
you start to see
how truly remarkable you are.



*I’ve been listening to The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and I’m finally starting to understand why my simple resolution to meditate every day has led to strengthening my willpower and developing the discipline to start and maintain other healthy daily habits.  Take this blog for example. After sitting for thirty minutes daily for a year I committed to posting once a day for a year. After the year was over I just kept going. I also write in my gratitude journal every day and have been finding the time to delve into creative projects.  I’m reasonably certain that I wouldn’t be doing any of this if I hadn’t started meditating regularly, so I’m feeling incredibly blessed by my teachers who have gone before me and paved the way for  a happy life.

Can You Afford Not To?


Finally the house is quiet.
The day’s frantic energy settles
into the stillness of night
and I can sit in peace.
I light a candle,
take my seat.
It feels like I’ve come home.
I wonder who else
in this world
is meditating
in exactly this same moment.
I picture us all sitting,
candles lit,
quiet, breathing,
many of us,
spanning the globe.
When I picture the world
in this way,
I feel hopeful for our future.
It may be a small offering
but it’s one I make every day.
Who knows what fruits
a lifetime of sitting will bear?
I like to imagine
I’m contributing to peace
on this planet.
I like to imagine
that when enough of us
sit and find peace
within ourselves
even for just a minute
even for just a second
we will eventually reach
a critical mass…
and we will see
a global healing take place.
Would you like to join in
this movement
of peacemaking and
light bringing?
Can you afford not to?