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Mountains and Avalanches


I was sifting through
mountains of papers
looking for something.
One of the mountains shifted,
sending an avalanche to the floor.
And then in the next second,
another avalanche.
And I said,
Okay, me too.
So I fell to the floor,
lay down on my back,
stared up at the track lighting
on my ceiling.
Here we all are, on the floor.
Now what?
I felt my body was tired.
I didn’t want to search anymore.
I knew that whatever it was,
either it would turn up,
or I would replace it.
So I went upstairs,
and I got in bed,
and had dreams
about mountains and avalanches.



I keep misplacing things
and spending my time looking for them.
I look in deeper, beyond the things.
What have I misplaced in myself?
What am I searching for within myself?
Will there come a time
when things can come and go
and I will be just as serene without them
as I am with them?
Can I find myself and know myself well enough
that I am complete
with or without the things?
It’s a story as old as time.
Let me be one of the blessed few
who can be happy no matter what.