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Prayers Work


Every day,
when I sit down meditate,
I light a candle
and I invoke the Archangels.
I pray to them to help me
see what needs to be seen
hear what needs to be heard
do what needs to be done
speak what needs to be spoken
release what needs to be released
receive what needs to be received.

Today a human angel showed up
to help me clear some old stuff
from my house
and make room for the new
Already my house and my soul
are breathing easier.
Do you see?
Prayers work.

Grateful No Matter What


The plan was to go to the Renaissance Festival—
my sister, my two children and me.
Then my son got sick and was up all night.
I was up too, cleaning the carpet,
cleaning his face, rubbing his back,
getting him drinks, holding the bin, reassuring him
You won’t feel like this forever.
You’re going to be just fine.
My sister took my daughter to the festival and we stayed home.
It’s twelve hours later and mercifully he’s sleeping.
I’m awake hoping for a restful night to come.
But then it strikes me…
What prayer was answered by my receiving
the honor and the privilege
of time to take care of my sweet boy
in the quiet of our home?
What space was created
in the space of my care for him
and my desire to help him feel better?
What experiences will my sister and daughter have
without me there to pretend I’m in control?
What beautiful experience is yet to blossom
in my heart and mind
now that I can be grateful
no matter what?

Nothing But Love


Feeling grateful for
the men and women
who went before me
and paved the way
so that I could celebrate
my femininity,
my creativity,
my divinity,
my liberty,
and really know
the pleasure of my freedom.
I owe it to my ancestors
to become the best ME possible.
After their struggle,
after all they went through,
isn’t it wonderful to find myself here,
a roof over my head,
clothes on my body,
well fed,
able to attend a party?
How fortunate am I
to have mentors, teachers,
elders, wise ones,
and our beautiful Mother
who has given us all life,
guiding me every day
to live into my destiny?
How fortunate just to be here
able to breathe.
Gratitude now.
There is nothing else but LOVE.

Experience Your Grandeur


Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra is firmly rooted in the insight and experience of the sages:  A human being is an island of excellence.  We are born to excel.  We are surrounded–from every direction and in every respect–by the intrinsic power and creativity of the Divine.  Our core is Pure Consciousness; luminosity is our essential nature.  Our most distinctive attribute is our ability to know our own essence–our intrinsic divinity.  Life is a priceless gift, for life endows us with everything we need to experience our grandeur.  Discovering the intrinsic divinity at our core is the highest achievement; dying without experiencing it is the greatest loss.

–Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD, The Secret of the Yoga Sutra, p xv

When I read words like those, I feel this surge of gratitude well up within me for the men and women of the past and the present who gift us with their wisdom, who inspire us, who rekindle our creative flames when we’ve allowed them to go dormant.  It’s hard to feel sad when I read words like, “We are surrounded–from every direction and in every respect–by the intrinsic power and creativity of the Divine.” Such inspiration incites me to go back to my journal and write something, or make something, or dance around, or sing.  “…life endows us with everything we need to experience our grandeur.”  Yes!  Experience our grandeur.

I just felt like sharing those words with you.  Now go and create something! It doesn’t matter what you do:  Make a bouquet of autumn leaves, or warm up some spicy cider and make your house smell like cinnamon, or just sit in stillness and breathe for a few minutes, or make yourself a nice quiet cup of tea.  Take a brisk stroll out in the wind.  Laugh for no reason at all.  You could always paint, draw, write, sing, play an instrument and dance, but you could just as well gather some beautiful pebbles together in a bowl and put it on your table.   Make a big ol’ pot of soup and bring some to your friend who has a cold.  There are so many ways of expressing our inherent creativity, and they’re all precious, they’re all wonderful, they’re all needed by this world who wants to experience our gifts.  Go now, and experience your grandeur, my friends!