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You can’t heal what you can’t feel…
and so my biggest task
has been just allowing the feelings to rise,
to be seen, acknowledged, embraced,
and finally felt.
For a long time I attempted to deny my feelings,
because they appeared too painful to accept,
and I was afraid of what might happen
if I allowed the tidal wave to crash over me.
It turns out that I was giving my attention
to my fear of the difficult feelings
rather than to the feelings themselves.
The fear made it all seem so much worse
that it really was.
Once I peeled back all my layers
of distraction, denial and defense
and exposed my tender heart to myself,
I saw that there was nothing to fear.
As the grief came up, the doubt,
the self-blame, the regret, the anger,
the loneliness, the abandonment,
the resistance and all the others
emerged as a procession,
one by one, to be fully received
and welcomed by me.
As I allowed these feelings to flow through,
I sensed underneath them my resilience,
my strength, and finally my hope
for new feelings to arrive
once I’ve made enough room for them
by letting the old feelings go…

Let Us See That You Are Human


Don’t try to hide your tender heart
behind the story
that we need you to be a certain way.
When did a steely exterior become
something to admire?
Why do we call those
people “strong”
who are in pain but do not show it?

It takes strength and courage to be vulnerable.

This feeling you have,
this tenderness, this sadness
is what connects you to all of us.
Be brave.
Stay open.
Let us see that you are human too.
We’ll take each other’s hands,
all the light of the world
reflected in each glistening teardrop–
and we’ll celebrate the sadness doorway,
this threshold that leads us to ultimate joy.