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All the Difference


I did it!
I taught FOUR yoga classes today, sweet lawd!
What amazes me about all of this
is that when I’m there with the students
I am so much in the zone
and so energized by the flow
that I feel awake even if I’m tired;
I feel strong even if moments before I felt weak.
Something magical happens when I do this work I love.
If you don’t yet have work that you love,
I highly recommend you find some.
It will make all the difference in the world, my friend,
it will make all the difference in the world.

Give Yourself Permission


Give yourself permission to take care of yourself,
no one else will give it to you.
It may seem like a selfish act,
but it is only in caring deeply for yourself
that you can extend that same caring to others.
Let your cup be full, your body rested, your mind at ease.
Now you will be in a position
to offer the very best of yourself
to this world that longs to know you.

What Will You Make?


The Source is endless.
What you draw from it
is up to you.
It is different for everyone
for everyone is different
here in the physical realm.
But the Source is energy,
pure and simple,
and we are of it
and we are it.
If we are Source
then we stand in a position
of limitless creator
wherever we are,
whatever we are doing.
The ways we express
that which we are
depends on where
we place our focus.
If you could have, be,
make, do, experience
anything at all,
what would it be?
Sit a while.
Close your eyes,
go inwards, be still.
Let yourself find center,
always there.
Feel the energy of life
pulsing through you,
every cell alive
with intelligence and purpose.
You too are a cell
of the Universal Body.
You too are alive
with intelligence and purpose.
Now, what will you make of this?

Take Me, Life


At the end of a long day of teaching,
feeling tired, hungry,
and yet high on all of the beautiful
energy that flowed from everyone,
it strikes me how the point of life
is to give of myself
until I’m all used up.
There is no majesty
in shrinking into lethargy.
But giving of myself completely,
becoming empty,
I have space to receive
the marvelous abundance of life.
I let go of myself and
all of the little stories I’ve told,
and I inherit the entire universe.
In truth, my giving is quite selfish.
I give because it brings so much joy
to experience the flow of life,
the exchange of energy between
myself and the source of all that is.
Please life, take me.
Take me and use me up completely.

Amen Me


Catching my breath
hoping someone will catch me
my body is tired
and my mind…
but my soul wants me to awaken,
to be aware, to learn, grow
assimilate, integrate,
and then radiate the peace
of self-knowing.

I want rest.
I want to have the energy to create,
to write, sing, paint, play an instrument,
to sew
and to KNOW
that this is all how it was meant to be.

Amen me.

Can You Sing this Song Too?


The story was
I am tired
But there was a lot to do,
so I pushed through.
As I completed task after task,
I began to wonder
Where does the mental fatigue end
and the true physical fatigue begin?

There is something that was tired in my mind
It wanted me to be able to rest,
to just lie there and do nothing,
to not have to be so responsible.

But this is the same part of me
that would tell me that I wasn’t a good mother or wife
If I didn’t do the dishes, the laundry, the vacuuming,
the meal preparation, the organization, the tidying.
I chose to not be caught in that old trap,
because I’ve been there many times before.
It taught me what I needed to know,
and now I don’t need it anymore.

My job today was to focus on the task in front of me
And this is what I did
The story
I’m tired
Began to melt away
as I forgot myself in the present moment.

I accomplished more than I thought possible
with no stories, no resentment,
no feelings of being put upon
or keeping a tally
or being entitled to something better
than what this moment offers.

And now, at the end of the long day,
here I am,
suddenly with some time to myself.
My mind wasn’t burdened with those old stories today
And so now there is lightness, and space,
and the energy to sing my true song–
one of the lightness of being,
of gratitude, infinite energy,
contentment, peace.

Breathe deeply and slowly
and you will hear it too

My song is the same as yours
the same as all the world
as all the universe.
It is the song of being,
there is only one song.
Can you listen–
and with your silence,
can you sing this song too? 

Absorb the Spring

Absorb the Spring

Dark Sweetness

The ground turns green. A drum begins
Commentaries on the heart arrive in seven volumes.

The pen puts its head down
to give a dark sweetness to the page.

Planets go wherever they want.
Venus sways near the North Star.
The moon holds on to Leo.

The host who has no self is here.
We look into each other’s eyes.

A child is still a child
Even after it has learned the alphabet.

Solomon lifts his morning cup to the mountains.
Sit down in this pavilion,
and don’t listen to religious bickering.
Be silent as we absorb the spring.

–Rumi (translated by Coleman Barks, A Year with Rumi, p 67.)


OH MY GOSH. I saw CROCUSES today!  Spring is on its way.  I hear winter may try to make a comeback, but history has shown us that eventually spring arrives in full force and makes the winter a distant memory.  The build up to spring has been so long, the winter so intense, that I’m expecting the trees to be emitting symphony music as they begin to leaf out, buds shouting open in all their glory.

This is a time when I’m at my best.  This is the month of my birth, and it feels like all of the cosmic forces are with me and behind me, saying, “YES! Go for it!”  This is a freeing time, so alive that the ground itself seems to be buzzing–the potential for new ideas to take root and to grow with a big HALLELUJAH!  A flowing time, a blowing time–wanting a sweater if the wind suddenly appears, but then reveling in skin kissed by the breeze with the sun’s heat warms the day, and everything around me, trees, grass, birds, people–everything is saying, “YES!”

As the earth warms up and the natural world reawakens in its radiant beauty, I cannot contain my excitement–I want to be outdoors jumping and dancing and singing LA LA LA LA LA!  My heart feels light, my body is energized, what will happen next?  Something beautiful!

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