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Not For the Faint of Heart


I thought I had come such a long way,
that my healing was nearly complete,
and then I realized I was very wrong.
The last two years have been about
refocusing, recentering, stabilizing,
crafting a new vision, a new paradigm.
This is not healing,
this is course correction.
The work of healing remains.
As I find more stable ground
mentally, emotionally, and financially,
I begin to take the lid off
and peer inside.
I’m afraid of what I see:
pain older than I am
that was given to me
by people who were in pain,
who received their pain
from those who came before them,
and on and on it goes back
to the very first pain endured
by the ancestors of our ancestors
And I see that I am not tasked
simply with healing myself,
but healing my entire lineage.
No wonder I was in denial!
This stuff isn’t for the faint of heart.