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She rises

Every morning

She gets back up again

Maybe you thought

She’d become your

Beast of burden

Maybe you thought

Her body was your home

Your property

But you were just a visitor

And you overstepped

Your bounds.

You couldn’t tame her

She is not meant to be

Fully domesticated

You couldn’t breed

The wildness out of her

And her fierceness

Scared the hell out of you.

Now you’re riding a new beast.

She seems docile enough,


She may tolerate

Your whippings, your

Bit and bridle

The reins

You use to steer her…

You might ride this one for a bit

Until she becomes old and fat and slow

But the one you left

Is still wild

You couldn’t break her

And every morning she rises

And runs with the sun and wind

And feels her free blood in her veins

And celebrates her escape

From your slavery

No Escape


Here we are.
It is the present moment
and there is no escape.
As much as our minds
might try to convince us otherwise,
there is no past and no future–
there is only this moment
and there is no escape.
Isn’t it a relief to finally arrive,
standing here with your whole self
in this one inescapable moment?
Terrifying and sweet all at once
knowing that all we ever were
all that we are now
and all that we ever will be
are all one, unified as this one totality,
this one present moment,
Turn and face your fear.
When you can see beyond
the story you painted on top of it,
you’ll be able to touch
the raw energy
of it all.
It is in this tender place
that we can connect with all beings.
We can remember that we were never disconnected,
never alone
realizing that there is only ever
this one moment
and there is no escape.