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How You Live


Every day is another universe to explore.
If it seems routine or boring,
look harder. Breathe. Feel. Taste.
The weather is always changing.
The light will never be the same.
The sounds arising, each and every one,
are more miracles of universes
being created and coming to pass.
This human life is the tiniest blip
on the grand scale of the universe,
where entire galaxies are born and die
and eons flash by in a single day.
Don’t take yourself too seriously.
This will all be gone, and soon.
How you live this day
is the only thing that matters.

Who Are You?


Who is the watcher behind your eyes
and the listener inside your ears?
Who is the speaker inside your mouth
and the thinker within your mind?
When you are thirsty,
who reaches for the glass of water,
and who decides when your thirst
is satisfied?
Who are you?
Your name is not enough,
neither is your gender nor your age,
nor your job, nor whom you know
nor to whom you are related,
nor are your experiences enough
to describe who you are.
There is a self beyond all of these,
a self that witnesses your name,
your history, your likes and dislikes,
your hopes and fears,
your elation and your heartbreak.
This self witnesses your experience
of bodily sensations
and yet it is not your body.
Who are you?
Who are you really?
Mere words cannot contain you,
nor can pictures or sounds of any kind.
The indescribably beautiful awareness,
the consciousness of your consciousness
cannot be defined.
Let it rest then.
Let the self rest and observe
and settle into the place of witness.
Keep asking the question
Who am I?
And perhaps one day
you’ll remember
the timeless ground of being
the open doorway
the infinite nature
of the self, the true self,
the source of all that is.

The Nature of Existence


Consider how life is both
gloriousĀ and grim,
magnificent and miserable
depending on what
this moment looks like.
Consider night and day,
wet and dry,
male and female,
heavy and light,
up and down.
We need both sides
if we are to hold the coin.
don’t prize one over the other.
Whatever you are going through,
whether elation or depression,
don’t cling or push away–
instead be clear, steady, and patient–
it will all change again soon.
Change is the nature of existence.

The Great Mirror of Existence


These days
when energy seems scarce
and the demands placed on it
seem to be increasing,

I am grateful for little moments of rest,
of non-action,
of just being in this moment
and savoring what I have.

I don’t need to understand every single thing.
If I have one purpose in this life,
it is to awaken to this moment
and to love it with all of my being.

If I profess to understand anything,
then doesn’t my understanding
cover the essence of now
in a mask of presumption?

I presume to know nothing
and allow myself to see like a child.

Knowing that I don’t know,
my eyes are bright and open
and I look,
heart beating
lungs breathing,
into the great mirror of existence.