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Mountains and Avalanches


I was sifting through
mountains of papers
looking for something.
One of the mountains shifted,
sending an avalanche to the floor.
And then in the next second,
another avalanche.
And I said,
Okay, me too.
So I fell to the floor,
lay down on my back,
stared up at the track lighting
on my ceiling.
Here we all are, on the floor.
Now what?
I felt my body was tired.
I didn’t want to search anymore.
I knew that whatever it was,
either it would turn up,
or I would replace it.
So I went upstairs,
and I got in bed,
and had dreams
about mountains and avalanches.

Maybe This Is The Way


Falling into the abyss
and there is no one there to see me or catch me.
I try to reach out, to grab a hold of something
to stop the free fall,
but I’m just flailing in space,
air passing through my fingers.
Maybe if I surrender into the fall,
I’ll eventually come out the other side
on a whole new planet.
Maybe I’ll feel welcomed there.
Maybe they will recognize me there.
Maybe they’ll ask
Where have you been?
Maybe they’ll say,
We’ve been looking for you.
Welcome home.

Maybe there is a reason
I feel like I don’t fit in here.
Maybe I am not from here.
Maybe I’ve been searching all this time
to find a way back home.
Maybe this falling is the way.

Your Falling


You’re not meant to be invincible.
You are human.
This means that sometimes you will fall.
We all fall sometimes.
But can you get back up?
Can you put your feet
back on your path
with your head reeling
and your heart heavy?
If everything was going your way
every moment of every day
how could you feel empathy
for those who do not lead
such a charmed existence?
Your humanness
and the way you periodically fall from grace
connects you with all beings
on this planet.
Let your falling back to earth
give you great appreciation
for those moments
when you are soaring,
filled with light, with love,
with inspiration.
Let your falling remind you
how beautifully human you are.