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The Choice Is Yours


Always in the process of becoming,
always in flux,
life is movement, not stagnation…
so why do we yearn for
safety, stability, routine?
Our minds are hardwired
for familiarity, comfort and ease,
but our greatest potential
and truest growth
exist just outside of the comfort bubble.
Transcending the constraints
of the life we knew
will feel, by definition, uncomfortable,
as we leave the safety of our bubble
and venture into possibility.
Ask yourself who you’d rather be
as you lie on your deathbed about to take your last breath:
A person who took the familiar path
A person who lived an extraordinary life.
The choice, dear one, is yours.

Beyond the Routine


I’m still working on simply accepting this moment.
It may be a life long practice,
because as I really pay attention to it,
I notice that there is very little about this moment
that is like anything I’ve ever experienced before.
In fact, this moment is completely different
from anything I’ve ever lived…
and I realize that my mind that wants familiarity
was just painting a picture of the routine
over what I was living in reality,
and calling forth routine perceptions and behaviors
in response to the picture my mind has painted.
Every second that ticks by is a miracle.
Am I available to experience it?
This moment is a huge gift.
My children are changing, I am changing,
the weather is changing,
our circumstances are changing,
everything is constantly in flux.
Maybe I remove the blindfold
and see that beyond the routine
there is a fieild of infinite possibility.
May I awaken to my true nature there.

See What Happens


When you decide to live in the mystery,
nothing is predictable.
One day goes smoothly,
the next full of obstacles.
When you decide to leave the safety of routine
and give your life over to some greater purpose,
only surrender and trust will do.
It is a death of sorts…
familiarity makes way for chaos,
and this is a good thing.
The moment your whole life falls apart,
this is the beginning of your journey
to realizing your fullest destiny.
Take heart;
there are others who have gone before you,
you are not alone.
Take a deep breath,
walk to the edge and jump.
You will grow wings and fly,
you will be caught by some gigantic gentle hands,
or you might be smashed to bits on the rocks below.
Whatever happens, new life awaits…
so don’t wait.
Dive, dive into the mystery,
and see what happens.

The Voice of Courage


As I faced the choice
of turning around
and going back the way I came
or forging ahead into the unknown,
I became aware first of
the fear of the unknown,
and a voice saying “Turn back!”
Then I went deeper into myself
to a place beyond the fear
and discovered that the pull
of a new experience, a new possibility
was more compelling than my attachment
to what is familiar.
Each time I choose possibility over fear,
I get a little stronger,
a little more amazed
by what can happen
when I listen to the voice of courage.

Your Truest Self


Just outside your comfort bubble
the Universe waits, longing
to reveal you to yourself.
Just beyond what you know
there is a great mystery
waiting to be understood.
Step out of your comfort bubble
and walk out beyond what you know.
Set sail from the harbor of familiarity
and stay the course as you
navigate toward authenticity.
Let your wandering heart guide you
back home to the awareness
of your truest, deepest self.

Asleep or Awake?


What are you clinging to,
holding on for dear life?
The wind is blowing all around you
and it is such a struggle to hold on.
Can you let go into the wind,
and let it take you into its strength,
so that you might be tumbled about
and swirled and whirled and shaken
into awakening?
Which is better–
Being asleep, holding on
or being awake
with nothing to hold on to?
With the one
life is predictable and safe.
With the other
it is wild and full of the potential
to wake up.
It all boils down to a choice.
Do you want to be asleep or
do you want to be awake?
What feels like death to
the old despotic ego
is your birth into the
joy of being, free and clear.
Let me die then,
I choose what waits for me
on the other side.

Fear Not, Little Bird


Little bird,
you must stretch your wings
if you would fly.
You must leave the nest
if you would breathe.
Don’t be afraid,
the fresh air of this wide open world
calls to you.
now soar...

There is no wrong way
to fly in the sky
circling in the blue vastness…
just don’t get stuck in the nest.
There is no room
for those beautiful wings of yours
in the old confined place
of your infancy.
At any rate,
if you tarry too long
you will be pushed from the nest
by the Great Mother,
the awakener of us all.

Don’t grieve the loss
of that which is familiar.
What at first seems painful
is life moving you to a place
of greater expansion.
Little bird,
don’t be afraid.
You are more than capable
of opening to this moment,
ready to meet your grandest destiny,
circling in the blue vastness…

No Fear, Just Possibility


We are supposed to be different
from one another
so why do we all go about
trying to make everyone the same?
And why do we need others
to think like we do
act like we do
and look like us
in order to feel comfortable with ourselves?
Doesn’t this sound absurd?
And yet, this is what we do.
We fear what we don’t understand–
and our understanding stems
from familiarity.
How about we try something different?
What if we embraced the mystery?
When we can drop our attachment
to what we think we know
and what we think is right
then we can look up into the night sky
and breathe in the infinite space
of the starry world.
Then, no fear–
just possibility.

Lose the Cocoon


Who would I be
without the story of me?
Would I cease to exist
if I no longer had the same list
of words to describe me?
If the rug were pulled out
and I were to come crashing down
what would my world look like then?
The fear of losing what is dear
is the worst kind of hell
So I’ll step out of my shell,
I’ll lose the cocoon
and not a moment too soon.