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Nothing But Trust


I was up late last night praying.
I keep thinking about sleeping
but the Divine Mother’s beauty
enticed me
to think about staying.
I kept asking for a sign,
as I was led into spirals
of thoughts and words
showing me where to look,
on which page and in which book,
to see and feel and know
what to resolve,
what to consider,
what to ponder,
what to surrender,
and how to just to BE in this life
as it is right now.
I woke up at my regular time,
sat in morning meditation.
I could feel her magic
working through me still.
Now I find myself
awake in the dark again,
what she will do with me tonight.
There is nothing left for me to do
but trust.

Ocean of Life


I search for meaning
because I want all of this
to mean something…
but what if this was all
What if I could step back,
take a deep breath, relax,
and not see any of this
as a threat?
Peace would come quickly then.
All of the stories of heartbreak,
loss, suffering, injustice
emerge from a sense of self
separate from the world around it.
If I could merge my consciousness
with that of the world’s,
wouldn’t I laugh
at the absurdity of it all?
I could cry all day and night
for twenty years,
and it wouldn’t change
the rhythm of the ocean.
Can I let these waves passing through me
be just another indication
that I am one with the ocean of life?

Don’t Struggle, Bloom


You are here to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, and with a finer spirit of hope and achievement.  You are here to enrich the world.

—Woodrow Wilson


If you’re accustomed to struggling,
let’s try something new.
Work with me here.
Imagine the one thing
you really, really want to do
with this one precious human life of yours,
this huge goal, this amazing project
that would leave you feeling blessed
at its completion.
Then, ask yourself,
Does it have to be hard?
Do I have to struggle to get there?
Imagine opening yourself
to the flow of Universal Intelligence
and allowing yourself to blossom
and expand into your heart’s vision.
Every day
do the work of getting quiet and still,
going inwards, and immersing yourself
in the flow of the energy that created
all that is.
When you become accustomed
to the feeling of universal connectedness
and you develop the capacity
to stay connected
as you move through daily life,
the way is opened up before you.
It doesn’t have to be hard.
This expansion into greater states of being
is the most natural thing in the world
for you to do,
just as a flower turns its face to the sun
delighted to see clear skies
after having weathered the darkest storm,
and in that state of all encompassing light
easily, naturally, beautifully—
it blooms.

Surrender to the Flow


And what if
after all of these efforts we have made
we discovered
that all along
this whole Universe
was completely worthy of our trust?
What if we knew without a doubt
that everything really does show up
at the right time?
What if we had the direct experience
of all things happening for a reason?
And what would this moment look like
if we could trust Life completely
and surrender to the flow
of all that is?

Your Job


It is hopeless
trying to keep everything as it is–
the nice warm weather
the sunshine
every person in your life
your clean car…
It all changes,
so clinging to one form
will only cause pain
as it withers and fades
and disintegrates
and slips from your grasp.
But this doesn’t mean
that we reject life either,
letting nothing in
so that there is nothing to lose.
No, we can make room for it all.
The joy and the grief
the pain and the pleasure
the sunshine and the rain.
Your job isn’t to create
a perfect cookie cutter life
and then spend all of your time
keeping it perfect–
your job is to breathe deeply
and make space for whatever

Beauty in the Change


Here’s the beauty
in all of the constant change–
the person we are today
is not the same person we were yesterday.
All of the fixed ideas we held of ourselves
dissipate in the vast expanse of being.
The hopeless case
we thought we were one day
now becomes a wise prophet in the next.
We are never the same day to day
and this is beautiful.
The cells in our bodies
are constantly changing,
so is the weather.
Our thoughts are swirling
as a flock of birds swirl
in the clear blue sky.
We have nothing to hold onto
as a child cannot keep a sandcastle
when the surf reaches the shore
in high tide.
Don’t attempt to hold on
to that which is always falling apart.
Melt into the change
as summer sun melts the snow
on mountaintops
sending a life-giving drink
to the valleys below.
There is beauty in the constant change.
Embrace your impermanence
and flow with life.