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Letting Go


This push-pull of existence,
like the rise and fall of the waves
the transition of summer into fall
how the moon makes way for the sun
how the stars fade at dawn
how what I once thought was love
turns out to be another story.
And what is the moral here?
Holding on to something past its time hurts,
but only one hundred percent of the time.
Sometimes the only answer is letting go.

Both Were


This is the urgency: Live! and have your blooming in the noise of the whirlwind.
—Gwendolyn Brooks

There was something I was meant to learn
about cosmic balance today,
and so I let loose the fire, the fury, the heaviness
in the morning
and drew forth the rain, the peace, the lightness
at twilight.
Both felt equally important.
Both were.

Behold the Majesty


We have this idea
that life should be a certain way
and we go about
doing everything we can
to make life conform to
our way of seeing.
This is like holding up a paper towel
to keep a wave from
crashing on the shore,
using an eyedropper full of water
to save the trees from
a raging forest fire,
brandishing a butterfly net
at an earthquake,
thinking you’ll keep the buildings
from toppling down,
using a shoebox to catch a storm cloud
and pushing your tiny hand against the wind
to keep it from blowing across the sky–
Instead of fighting
the great forces of nature,
why not stop,
and open?
Feel the powers
of earth, fire, air, and water
coursing through you
the way they always have.
Align yourself with what is.
Surrender your small will
to this enormous flow of being.
Don’t try to chip away at a mountain
with a teaspoon.
Look up and behold the majesty.