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Wide Open Arms


Sometimes I resent having to do so much work
to wake up, to improve, to become better…
Like everyone else, I just want to be happy, healthy,
have a good life, be at peace.
Then it occurs to me
that the work will enable me to create these things
and claim them as mine.
If the good life were handed to me on a silver platter,
could I accept it?
Would I see myself as worthy?
I’m so grateful for the infinitely generous present moment.
No matter how many times my mind goes back to the past
or rushes headlong into the future,
this beautiful present moment
always waits for me right here, right now,
with wide open arms.

A Refreshing Place


I’m writing letters to my future lover,
giving myself permission to envision life
after the death of what I once knew.
After months of loneliness,
feeling victimized, betrayed,
caught in a prison of anger and resentment,
hitting rock bottom financially
and feeling suicidally depressed,
it goes without saying
that feeling turned on to possibility
is quite a refreshing place to be.

NaPoWriMo 2018, Day 11: I Love Life


Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt instructs us to write “a poem that addresses the future, answering the questions ‘What does y(our) future provide? What is your future state of mind? If you are a citizen of the “union” that is your body, what is your future “state of the union” address?’”

It’s strange to contemplate the future
because it doesn’t exist,
and whatever states of being I imagine in it,
when I call them forth,
it will be in this moment now.
But as I visualize my future, this is what I see:
I am happy, healthy, radiant with well-being.
I am in a soul-fulfilling partnership
with a man who loves every fiber of my being.
I do work that is deeply gratifying and pays me well,
and I’m living as my most authentic self,
serving the planet in a big way.
I travel to beautiful places,
bringing my children with me,
that they too might experience the majesty of nature.
I express my creative talents and abilities
in profoundly satisfying ways.
I am nourished in all aspects of my being.
I awaken every day grateful for this life I’ve been given.
I continue to meditate and write every day,
and I spend time in nature
because nature is where I feel most aligned
with the Great Spirit of All Things.
I live in gratitude, cherishing every moment.
I give and receive love with my whole heart.
I breathe deeply and slowly in each moment,
and I sing the praises of the One
who brought me here.
I love life.

Standing Here


Standing here, looking forward
I can hope, I feel strong,
I know I can make it through this.
Looking back
I feel angry, I feel hurt,
I feel betrayed,
I am filled with grief.
Standing here, right here
in this present moment,
I am aware of the swirls of thought
and my tendency to look back
and to look forward.
Standing here, opening my eyes,
I see what choices I have.
I sit down.
I close my eyes.
I breathe in and out, slowly.
This moment is all I ever have.
This moment is all I ever need to know.

NaPoWriMo 2017 Day 26: The Future Chances Upon an Everyday Object


Today I found
stacks and stacks
of a type of object
with three flat sides,
two of which opened
away from one another.
The third flat side was
more narrow than the other two,
and appeared to hold in place
many thin rectangular
pieces of a white, dry,
fibrous substance
with markings on most pieces;
a few of them were blank.
I wonder what the markings signify–
could it be some kind of language?
It seems that in this primitive world
the inhabitants hadn’t yet mastered
intuitive, instantaneous communication
and thus needed to record in tangible form
the thoughts and ideas
that flow so easily between members
of our race.
In some of the dwellings
I would find just a few
of the object I mentioned;
in others there were whole rooms
full of them.
Sometimes there were images
although what I saw looked so foreign
I couldn’t discern meaning from them.
I wonder what these objects are called?
Could they hold the answer
to our understanding
the people who once lived
on this planet now devoid of life?

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is here.

Live in the Mystery


Why decide how things should be?
Reality is always so much wiser and kinder
than my interpretation of it.
If I decide my future needs to look a certain way
and then I become attached to my own story,
I create my own personal hell.
What happens when the real future
doesn’t match with my imagined
version of it?
How about the amount of time I spend
trying to control everything and everyone
so that my future unfolds according
to my perfect, neurotic little plan?
What if I could trust a little more
and project a little less?
What if I could breathe more
and stress less?
Trying to assure a particular outcome
eventually takes a toll on me.
It requires too much energy.
I’d much rather live in the mystery.
This mind that doesn’t know
is so much more open, curious,
innocent and creative
than the control freak
who needs things a certain way.
Why decide how things should be?
I’d much rather live in the mystery.