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Come Alive Spring


It doesn’t matter how much the winter kills you,
and how dead you are by the end of it,
how pale, how lifeless, how skeletal,
how deeply and quietly you lie
beneath the frozen surface of the earth—
when spring comes,
there is this perennial, irresistible force in you,
that wakes up,
comes alive,
and sighs with the joy and the delight
of living and blossoming,
of rekindling the vital movement
of air in lungs
and blood in veins
and power in voice.
Come alive,
come alive,
come alive again.
Spring is here,
and it’s time to come out of hiding.
it’s time to live again,
so wake up,
and join me in the garden.
Let’s tend to one another’s blossoming
and celebrate what we grow
in the light of our love and joy.

The Fragrance of Presence


I watch myself
getting all bunched up inside
hoping for this or that outcome,
this or that experience,
and meanwhile
the earth is spinning
as it always has
and the birds are singing
and the wind is blowing
and clouds passing by
temporarily obscure the sun,
making the bursts of light
more beautiful, more meaningful.
My breath is the key to presence
and I meditate to remember this.
Most of the time I forget,
but this is a practice…
and so I cultivate patience.
It seems like a humble thing to grow,
but once the roots are established
and the plant blooms,
the sturdy flowers will bless
all who look upon them,
all who breathe in the fragrance
of presence.

Born Again Hyacinth


Old Lady Hyacinth is past her prime
but she is wise and didn’t mind
Little Miss Sweet Baby Alyssum stepping in
and putting on airs with all her outrageous friends:
And whew! Are those young ‘uns
loud and ostentatious and maybe a little obnoxious
as young’uns often are.
But did she mind?
No, Old Lady Hyacinth didn’t mind.
In fact in her wisdom she said,
Come children, while I’m still here,
I’ll shelter you from the harsh sun
so that you may grow and become established.
I’ll make your first days here gentle and sweet.
But in truth, she knows
the joke’s on all of those little annuals:
come autumn’s frost, they’ll be goners,
all traces of them lost to winter’s scouring
and come next spring,
Hyacinth will be born again,
in the soil rendered rich by
the youngsters’ withering.


NaPoWriMo Day 8: The Most Precious Flower


You cannot see it,
but it is the most beautiful flower of all.
Cannot smell it
but it exudes the most precious fragrance.
Cannot hold it
because it holds you.
Cannot taste it
but its flavor is everywhere.
This flower never withers and dies
but expands exponentially
for all of time
I wonder…
when I am old and withering
what will the flower
of my consciousness
be like?
How bright will it shine?
And how far will its petals reach
across the hearts and minds
of my fellow humans?
And what splendors will the garden
of this consciousness hold?

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt asked us to write about a flower. I love flowers and couldn’t pick just one and attempt to do it justice.  So I went for a metaphorical flower instead.  The flowering of human consciousness is a beautiful story to me.

NaPoWriMo Day 5: Heirloom Seed Inspiration: Cosmos


A cosmos of
bright lights,
orange memories
and Mona’s picotee*
sea shells mixed
with endless sensation…
It is so vibrant
in this garden,
this cosmic garden of life.

NaPoWriMo Day 5.  I found the prompt a little “out there,” but maybe that’s because I was expecting an invitation to write with something more technical, like a perfectly planned pentameter. Anyhow, I went searching for seeds and ended up colliding with the cosmos.  If nothing else, I enjoyed seeing pictures of flowers, corn, carrots, tomatoes, radishes, watermelon…now I’m hungry and my head is full of vibrant images.  So I guess you could say I enjoyed this exercise in the end.
* I had to look this one up…in reference to flowers a picotee is a variety in which the petals have an outer margin of a different color.  See the picture below; you can just make out in the foreground a flower with soft pink petals and then a thin magenta margin at the ends.


Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 9.33.46 PM

Harvesting the Bounty



garden tomatoes 2014

A beautiful sight greeted me as I looked out into our back yard today:  splashes of red, orange, and purple peeking out from behind the leaves of our tomato vines.  When we left for our ten day vacation in Utah our vines were a sea of green, and I was asking myself when I could sink my teeth into a juicy tomato sandwich.  Ten days later it’s ripe tomato heaven. I got outside this evening with the kids and picked a bunch;  for the first time in years we actually have enough to do some canning.  Right before our vacation my two year old son had been picking and eating the green tomatoes much to our annoyance, and although we tried multiple tactics to dissuade him, he seemed hell bent on plucking every green fruit he could find. It was so satisfying this evening to pluck a big ripe tomato off of the vine and hand it to him, to see the juice and seeds on his face, to watch how quiet he became as he worked on finishing the ripe red goodness.

There is something so incredibly satisfying about harvesting something from my very own back yard garden.  Not only do I enjoy vine-ripened deliciousness, but I get to enjoy these gourmet beauties for a fraction of what I would pay for them at a grocery store.  Organic heirloom tomatoes are going for $6.00 per pound at our local Wholefoods, and we have them growing in abundance right here in our yard.  My husband purchased and planted the young seedlings and Mother Nature did the rest of the work, sending sunshine and rain their way so that we could enjoy this beautiful harvest.  Tonight I thank the earth for what she gives us.


Dear Mother Earth,

Humbly I come to you in thanks;
please receive this appreciation I have for you.
You who ceaselessly give to us
that we may live in abundance,
You who hold me in your great green arms
and soothe me when the cares of our man-made existence
weigh heavy in my soul…

In you I find freedom, space, balance, harmony.
When I am graced with time in your untouched expanses
My heart leaps and dances with joy!

Thank you for your beauty, your bounty, your bliss.
Please teach me how to love your gifts
and to walk upon you gently, with grace.

Show me how to live in your balance, your harmony,
that I may reflect your supreme wisdom
with every thought, word and deed.

Reveal to me how I can advocate for your good,
and how to make daily choices that help to preserve you,
our greatest treasure.

Great Earth Mother,
I love you.

Ahhh, Spring!


tulips and blue sky


All over the city of Baltimore, the sentiment is the same.  People are enraptured with the Spring.  Smiles are open,  footsteps light, and flowers that normally never see each other are blooming together in a riotous symphony of vibrant color and texture.

Dutch Iris


I, for one, am grateful to see these messengers from the natural world.  “Grateful” may be too bland a word…Maybe more like ecstatic.  After the winter we had, each bloom seems to me a miracle, and I look upon these glowing beauties with awe in my heart.



Flowers in their bloom remind me of the flowering of human consciousness.  Like all good things, it takes time and the right conditions for the blossoming to occur.  Just like the natural world, we cannot hurry the seasons of our mind and temperament, and we certainly cannot force the opening of spirit and the unfurling of our miraculous true nature.  This gets me thinking about how much effort I have put into my own awakening and the despair I have felt when it has seemed that progress was especially slow.  But what if this process of awakening could be as natural as a flower blooming in its own time?

I feel a poem coming on…


Oh dear heart,
you try so hard,
what does your effort get you?
Gritting your teeth in concentration
going through the motions of illumination
yet fearing the darkness the within.
What are you afraid of?
And why does it have to be so hard?
You know, your blossoming could be easy,
easier than this…

Just stand and face the sun,
close your eyes
feet in the earth,
moistened by the cool, dew-laden grass
wind blowing through your hair
finding the balance point
between movement and stillness
feel the sun’s light echoing
the light of your own heart

the light of this world is no match
for the light within
breathe, and remember you are good,
good to the core of your being–
and it isn’t effort
but allowing that
will facilitate your realization of this
perfect self within

Lay down and look up at the moon
the coolness of night touching your skin.
Stars, the flowers of the night sky,
blossoming everywhere, just for your enjoyment

Awaken in this garden!
Ah, there you are!
as much a part of this life, this world,
as the sun, the moon, the stars.

Dear heart, take faith,
you already are all that you are wanting–
the peace, joy, and contentment you are seeking
are within.
Unshakable peace, unshakable joy, unshakable contentment
because this is your true nature.
They cannot be given to you or taken from you,
They are who you are

Breathe now, and rest,
and allow your light to shine.
Blossom now, starting with your heart,
and let your beauty beckon others to do the same
Don’t hide.
In this great garden,
every bloom contributes to the beauty of the whole,

Colors dancing together
in harmony,
perfect and complete.

Pink heart of a tulip Broom Star of Bethlehem Tulip close up TulipsLithodora