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All Ears


Today, I did some things
that I had been avoiding doing…
Filled out application for assistance
from the Office of Child Support Enforcement
Got on the phone to find out
about health insurance
now that I’ve been dumped
from my ex-husband’s plan
Contacted attorney about
filing a motion for contempt
for underpayment of child support
It’s no wonder I was putting
these things off!
I’d like to get to the point
where I do unpleasant things like these
immediately, without delay.
Is there anyone out there
who is an expert
at doing unpleasant things?
How do you overcome the resistance
and take action?
How do you just get it done?
I’m all ears.

Do What Needs to Be Done


I’m waiting to feel motivated
and then I remember
that motivation comes
as I begin to do what needs to be done.
Feelings follow behavior.
If I were to wait
to feel like I wanted to exercise,
I might never step outside my house.
But if I put my shoes on
and walk out into the sunshine
(the wind, the rain, the hot, the cold),
then my body feels good
and my mind says,
Exercise! What a great idea.
Don’t wait to feel like you’re in the mood
to do what needs to be done.
Just begin.  Take one small step.
Put one dish away.
Put one shoe on.
(Then the other.)
Once you begin,
the good feelings come.
Now go and do what needs to be done.
You can do it!