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Circles of Quiet Joy


I search everywhere for a gift,
just something, something
so that I don’t show up
Then I remember
the real gift cannot be given
or taken away.
The real gift
comes from
an inextinguishable source.
The real gift
doesn’t change hands,
it changes hearts.
We all have this gift,
and if we could really see it,
we wouldn’t
be running frantically to the store…
We’d sit in circles
of quiet joy,
the light of infinity
mirrored in one another’s eyes.

Precious Presence


Forget about the shopping–
give a hug, a flower, a smile,
your time.
We surround ourselves with things,
but none of it can come with us
when we leave this world.
How do you want to be remembered?
We can be distracted
in pursuit of things,
or we can be here,
open heart, open eyes,
present for our loved ones.
Sit with your beloveds,
be still and quiet,
look at them, see them,
really listen.
Your loving presence
is the most precious of presents.

Everyone Wins: Thoughts About Gift-giving


Sewing lavender and flax seed eye pillows,
hoping that they will encourage
some dear ones to take time to relax.

Mixing up batches of delicious smelling body butter
to be used as a full body moisturizer, a healing balm,
a skin health serum. (Also great for massage)

ingredients, if you’re curious:

almond oil
coconut oil
cocoa butter
vitamin e oil
rosehip seed oil
avocado oil
Essential oils of lavender and frankincense

Feeling satisfied making the gifts I’m going to offer,
Really happy that these gifts
hold the potential to help and heal.

Hoping that the gifts will be used by those who receive them

Recognizing that once I give a gift,
it is gone,
and whoever receives it is free to do whatever they wish to do,
whether it is use it for its intended purpose,
regift it
burn it
pitch it
or place it on a shelf to collect dust
and then be pitched in the future.

As I follow a recipe to mix the perfect body butter,
I know that I can follow an even greater recipe:

Love someone enough to make a gift
Give them the gift
And love them enough to respect their freedom
to choose what they do with the gift

Love them regardless.

Everyone wins.